All The Bright Moves collection by KBShimmer 

*press release*

“What we gonna do now is go back…. allll the way back”…….

I love this time of the year when makeup and polish makers bring out the loud & bright colors, it brings instant happiness into my life!!
So tell me, where you anything like me during my childhood? Did you spend your Saturday mornings watching Zach and Kelly? Did the Fresh Prince theme song play in your head (that you knew word for word) while you begged for the latest Lisa Frank stickers? Were Caboodles and Trapper Keepers all the rage among your friends? Did you load your arms with jelly bracelets and died without your Aqua Net? Was your scrunchie collection the envy of your friends? If you answered yes, then you might be a child of the late 80’s and early 90’s, the inspiration for KBShimmer’s latest nail polish collection, All The Bright Moves. Based on that time of neon colors, stickers, and big hair, let these 6 neon shades take you back to a time where fashion was so bright, you had to wear shades.


The All The Bright Moves collection consists of 6, juicy shades that are almost crelly like in formula. These shockingly bright shades are inspired by the late 80’s and early 90’s of my childhood. Each covers well in 2 coats without a white base, but those with longer nails may prefer 3 coats.

All The Bright Moves (NEONS!!): Launch 04/29/17 at Polish Con NY – Online 05/05/17

You have time to nail those moves for this collection, get bright or get left!! 

Frida Kahlo First Impression + swatch 

Hey people…

So last weekend I realized that I’ve been overlooking my email from the CVS Beauty Rewards program, telling me that I have redeemable points. So with that and a 30% off coupon I decided to try these @fridakahlo lipsticks. I had been eyeing these and the nail polishes every time I saw there near the front register. I felt like because they weren’t a familiar brand I didn’t think I was up to shelling out $7 for a lipstick– a nonmatte lipstick at that y’all! You see the packaging right– iLove it! 

So yeah like I said these are not matte lipsticks. The formula is sheer but creamy, feels like the likes of a moisturizing lipstick. They give off a semi-gloss finish as well. It  transfer a lot (which you should expect with this type of finish). 

You can hold out for your beauty rewards coupon, a 20-40% off coupon email or just go ahead and pay them $7, you got it stop playing lol.

Check out my swipe…..

Have you tried these lippies?

The Makeup Show Orlando 

Yes it was that time again last weekend. If you missed it, you missed a good one. However, you can catch another one that’ll be coming to a city near you or in your city. Of course I attended the one that was in a city near and dear to me! I received my blogger press pass & made my way up in there!

I like the brands that participated this year, although I was disappointed that a few I hoped to see didn’t participate this year. 

Use this link to my IG page to see a little slideshow featuring scenes from TMSO here.

Here are the items I received in my blogger bag

Some scenes from the floor

We started off TMSO hearing from the coolest down to the earth makeup artist James Vincent. He gave us a history of he started from the bottom now he’s here……

Here’s a swatch of a lippie I bought from Blot Beauty Cosmetics. I hadn’t heard of this brand until I saw their booth at TMSO. This color is called Sort.


Want to know if a show will be in your city? Find out via The Makeup Show website Here.

KBSHIMMER Nauti By Nature collection swatches

*Press Sample*

So folks, I know you showing off KBShimmer’s holo polish last week right…. well I’ve got some more showing off to do!! These 6 holos will be available on their website this Saturday so get your nails and your coins together!! For now, check out these swatches, watch out for the holo bling and thank me later!!

Macaw Me Maybe

The Girl is Tiki


Latitude Adjustment 

Tropic Like It’s Hot

Keep Palm and Carry On

HOLO MOLY right!! Lol! Which one is your favorite?

KBShimmer LE Indie Shop Polish Swatch

Y’all I started seeing these swatches going up on blogs and just knew my scheduled post went up…. NOT!!

I don’t have to express again how much I love KBSHIMMER’s holo polishes, but I do think it bears repeating. This limited edition polish is called I Never Wood Have Guessed reminds me of wood grain patterns with a dash of holo in the mix. 

Take a gander…

There’s another LE polish that I did not choose and (I’m kicking myself for it). That polish is called It’s Petrifying, it’s a creme-glitter formula.

These two shades will be available at The Indie Shop 03/11/17 and will go on sale online from 03/18/17 – 03/31/17.

Also, the Nauti By Nature collection willl launch 03/11/17 at The Indie Shop Atlanta – Online 03/18/17

This spring let KBShimmer’s Nauti By Nature collection take you on a trip to the islands, where life is slower, the days are warmer, and flip flops are the norm. These 12 nail polishes represent different accepts of a tropical vacation, from the pastel homes of the Bahamas, to brightly colored ropes on fisherman’s ships, to the fronds of the palm trees. Let the bright colors of the Macaw and shimmering shades of sea life whisk you away on your own nautical retreat. 6 holographic colors are complimented with 6 additional shades in shimmery, crelly, or glittery finishes, for a truly tropical collection.

The official release date is 03/18/17 for online sales.  

Get ready for the Nauti by Nature collection. You down with KBS? Lol 

Wish List Wednesday 

Hey y’all, welcome back to Wish List Wednesday where all your wishes are welcome, I hope they come true one day.

But back to reality, here’s what’s on my wish list this week….

A trip to Abu Dhabi, it looks so beautiful.

A 7 series BMW in black, it has always been my favorite car. I have a 2015 Altima and the body style resembles this style that’s why I like it so much. Some of the features in my car are the same features that BMW have.

Christian Louboutin new nail polish collection, I love how it’s so colorful.

Nike Air Max 1 X Atmos collab. These are actually an attainable item. This sneaker released yearsssss ago and I missed it then! I’m kinda determined not to miss the release this month but I won’t be too bummed if I don’t get them. 

A blank check from someone rich…. with this blank check I’ll do the right thing…..whatever that is lol…

What’s on your wish list?

Makeup Revolution Iconic Matte Lipstick Swatches 

Y’all I’m trying to post more, can’t you tell?! I’m really thinking about making a set schedule for posting days but then I don’t want to fail at keeping it up. If any of you have suggestions on how to come up with a good way to schedule posts let me know. 

I’m trying to get some makeup out of my “to film” pile. I figured instead of having to do the filming and editing I can just take the pics, crop, edit and upload–easy peasy!

These are matte formula lipsticks that lasts for about 5 hours. Expect transfer. They are opaque for application, but they’re not a hard matte finish. These can be purchased in Ulta for $5.00. 

For those days when you just desire a comfortable matte lipstick in non liquid form, I think these will saffice. Inexpensive, comfortable and quality, that’s what we’re always looking for right!

What are your “go to” inexpensive non-liquid lipstick matte lipsticks?

Wish List Wednesday 

A girl can dream right…. and a girl’s dreams can come true too…. she just needs the resources……

Y’all, I came up with this idea to start doing this since I’m the type to make a bucket list. Not so much a list of things to do before I do cause who knows when that’ll be, hell I can die at 150 lol. 

Seriously though, these are things that of course 

  • I’d L❤️VE to have
  • L❤️VE love to do 
  • Places I’d L❤️VE to go. 

When you see this list I’m sure you’ll say “I mean who wouldn’t”!!

Take a stroll with me down wishful lane…..

The NEW Louis Vuitton NeoNoe in Rose Poudre $1,390. Pic credit to (Louis Actually I’ll take this bag in any color but if someone wants to get me this in pink I won’t pout, nope not I!

A week in Japan!! You know, so I can chop it up with Hello Kitty; see what’s good!! Oh and if someone wants to buy Japan Airlines for me that’ll be even better….. AIRBORNE!!!

Balenciaga Race Runners Sneakers for women. I have the feet… so ok I’m half way there right lol.

To be a judge or a contestant on Cupcake Wars!! I could totally be a contestant on Family Fued too, I be knowin ALL the answers!!

Those are my wishes for now… somebody fetch me a genie will ya! 

What’s on your wishlist?

February Buys

I know I haven’t posted a lot this month (let’s blame it on itbeing a short month mmm k) but if it’s any consolation I haven’t been holding out on much. I haven’t bought much (in my strong opinion).
Here’s what I did pick up…..

Some products from Makeup Revolution which is sold at Ulta, for very reasonable prices. 

Products from the new Wet n Wild LE Queen of my Heart collection. You can find these now in Walgreens and CVS. The faux mink lashes by Ardell I picked up in Ulta.

These patches I plan to put on a shirt, purchased from H&M.

Got me some “tools” from Real Techniques. I really love this brush for applying foundation, this will be my second buy of this style. I heard how soft this beauty blender is so no doubt I’m a check it out!!

Lastly I bit the budget and bought something I’ve been wanting for a spell!! Yes you’ve guessed it, the Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 Damier Ebene. I’m so happy I made this purchase, I got this bag preloved but in mint condition. 

P.S. The handbag charms are new as well. The Kylie bag charm was from her winter collection. The lip charm I got from Walmart for $2.88 (FTW right!!!!).

Sooooooo that’s it for me…… for now lol. What’s NEW with you all??? 

LA Colors Matte Liquid Lip Color Swatches & Review

Hey y’all!! 

I know I’m such a slacker, I haven’t posted all month. I’ve been dealing with sinusitis and looking ahead to seeing a specialist cause this is ridiculous! This is the worst sinus attack I’ve ever had and for so long now (going on 3 months).

I think I’ve tried every remedy suggested (let me know if you have any suggestions). So anyhoo, here are swatches of the new liquid lipsticks by @lacolorscosmetics. I found these at Family Dollar for $2. They’re decent… the first & last color applied very patchy & thin but the other two applied smoothly. They’re not tacky and don’t have a smell. They only last I’d say about 4 hours, minimal transfer not very much transfer, not easily removable either. 

LIP RATING (1 to 5): 💋💋💋 

Fierce is my favorite of this set!

Thanks for reading!

Territory Takedown

Y’all I’m coming out of left field with this post but watching Love & Hip Hop NY last night is what caused this urge to post. To be honest with you I don’t do ratchet tv, but that’s the only LHH series I watch of them all lol. What bought me to this post is a segment of it that touched a nerve with me.

The scene is of Bianca & Mariahlynn hashing out their feelings regarding their recent falling out….it was on the strength of Marialynn dropping dime on Bianca. Because of a shady hotel meetup which happened a few episodes ago between her and DJ Drewski, MariahLynn felt the need to tell his assistant slash girlfriend (lol)Skye. She & MariahLynn had become cool & quick friends.

*pic credits to

Fast forward to how my nerve got struck… I don’t understand why people feel like you can’t be friends with someone they don’t get along with! Why not? I find it to be very selfish and controlling. I expect school kids to believe that, but adults? I thought by then we can form our own opinions based off of personal experience with that person. Not only that, but why does “loyalty” have to play a part in me not liking someone you don’t like? 

Please explain to me why a side has to be chosen? I especially didn’t like that MariahLynn gave in, denouncing Skye’s friendship. Listen, if I’m cool with someone you’re not cool with that’s just life. I wouldn’t ask you to accept it, like it, have a sleepover–none of that!! However, you would not in any way dictate who I can & cannot be friends with! 

So now look at that 🤔 Bianca has gotten her way, the contingency plan has been agreed upon!!! Isn’t that something!! So that’s how it works huh.. really?! 
Well I just hope that anyone who’s put in this situation, is strong enough to stand behind making mature decisions. Just because your friend is cool with someone you’re not, does it mean they’re going to plot against you (I’m not saying it can’t happen). You know, there are people who do know how to make sure they stay neutral. 

I know you’re probably thinking girl it ain’t that deep, it’s just “reality” tv but this is a real life situation that happens all the time! I’m speaking from experience of having been put in this situation before! I’m here to say…. Don’t feed territorial friends, if one person is controlling the friendship; that’s a dictatorship!!

I don’t know about y’all, but I want friends who’s going to tell me when I’m wrong, not enable me to be wrong & strong!!

What about your friends……..

Thanks for reading!!

Tree Tea

I decided last year that I was going to do more personal posts on my blog…… hence…… 
This has been on my mind for a while, I have so many undecided thoughts I couldn’t sit down to pinpoint how I wanted to express this. That is until @bossladyterrie sent this to me…. take from this what you may but I can certainly identify with this analogy. I wouldn’t say that we always have these types of people, but I can attest to relationships/friendships that has evolved into these categories (even currently).

“We ALWAYS have 3 types of people in our lives & a tree is the best description I have to describe it. 1.ROOTS- Those are people Who Are Always In Our Lives Rooted To Us Through The Fall,Spring,Winter & Summer No Matter What dedicated to keeping the friendship alive. 2.BRANCHES-Those are the people who hold us up as long as it’s convenient for them to hold you up. 3.LEAVES-People Who Fall Off depending on what season it is, then like clockwork, they come back around when they want to be seen. These people only hang around To Get What They Can Get And Once They Meet Their Purpose In your life they Fall Off!”

Don’t get me wrong, people’s lives change twice over and even more so as you get older, I get it! But when life calls for revisions that make your relationships/friendships happier, healthier and solid with muscle; this is what you resort to. So in the event that you do have these types in your circle, you’ll be faced with cause to make some changes that should benefit your needs mostly. Here’s what I suggest…..

  • Get to the ROOT of the relationship or friendship. What does it provide your life?
  • Don’t be afraid to BRANCH out, meet new people, make new friends if the ones you have are no longer demonstrating reciprocity.
  • LEAVE what’s proven not to be for you alone!! I’m not saying to just drop everyone like a bad habit just cause they don’t act accordingly. I’m saying that to say we tend to have a bad habit of complaining about weight we aren’t obligated to carry!!

With all that being said, basically your circle is yours to shape; you decide who stays in the loop!! There’s nothing unfair about an even exchange!!

Can you identify with that analogy on the types of people you may have in your life??

Juvia’s Place The Saharan Palette 

*pic credit from Juvia’s Place site 

Hey people,  after standing around with my arms folded and eyes rolled from looking at everyone else getting theirs in the mail; I got this in the mail yesterday.
Feast your eyes (lids) on the newest gem from Juvia’s place…. very pigmented, smooth and buttery feeling. I still recommend you use a base for application.

You can purchase this new Saharan eyeshadow palette HERE.

If you’ve been asleep for all of Juvia’s eyeshadow palette releases then let me help you catch up… here’s where you can buy all 3 palettes on the site.

Stay tuned for an ELOTD (eye look of the day).

Mani Mondays

I’ve realized the error of my ways believe it or not…. my first love of nail polish has been majorly ignored here on my blog (why hasn’t anyone told me)!! I know I should never forget where I’ve come from and from how far lol….

So let me start this thang off right! 

My Monday mani comes from the help of LA Colors Color Last “gel like” polish. They say this polish is supposed to last 10 days (chip resistant) but I have never been able to say that about any polish. This wine-vamp color is one of the many colors I like to rock in the winter (although I follow no beauty rules when it comes to what I choose to rock).

Here’s Wisdom 

You can find these in Walmart or Family Dollar for $1.98.

What’s on your nails?

Thanks for reading!!

Target Dollar Spot Haul

You know, people will argue that anything sold at a cheap value can’t be good or it won’t last long. In this case I disagree…. Target “dollar spot” has been one of my favorite aisles in there. Of course it’s right in the front as you walk in, so you have no choice but to give that area your money first lol.

A friend of mine (@beedeepresents) posted her haul recently whiched featured this clipboard, I fell in love with it instantly!! I am a huge fan of pink (duh) but also anything with pink shades of roses!! So you know me, I pulled up on Target with my debit card locked and loaded.

The dollar spot has an array of cutesy items but I especially love their seasonal & holiday products like: Valentine’s Day, Easter, Summer, Halloween & etc.

Anyhoo here’s my haul.

Clipboard $5

Cute notecard $1
Pens $1 each

Notebook $3

The dollar spot is the place for great inexpensive finds. If it’s your need to decorate a certain room, decorations for holidays or just for finding little trinkets for the low, make this spot your target!!

What are your latest Target dollar spot finds?

Thanks for reading!!

Victoria’s Secret annual sale haul

Y’all I haven’t bought much from the VS Pink clothing wise in a long time. I came across a few old tops I’ve had for years in a winter clothes storage bin so this annual sale came right on time. Pink happens to be my favorite color so I don’t mind walking around with it splattered on my shirt!! 

Check out the shirts they got me for….  I actually only went in for one shirt that has the leopard pattern inside the PINK lettering. I got and a few more, hey it was my birthday!!

$7 phone case

Truth be told, these shirts run big, I normally wear L or XL in women’s tops but I can wear a medium or large in PINK shirts.

Did you catch this sale? If so, what did you get?

Thanks for reading!!

KBShimmer Office Space Collection 

*Press Sample*
Are you one of those people that wear flashy polish on the weekend then hurry up and change it for work on Monday (raises hand). I’m just the type to feel like there’s a certain professionalism to your professional manicure.

I think that’s what KBShimmer had it mind with their Office Space collection. Check out the 8 shades they created in order to help you keep it classy at work.

Here’s the ones I chose, you can’t go wrong with subtle holo nails or a holo accent nail.
Fax of Life

Makin Copies (for some reason just just not swatch well for me. It’s silver in the bottle but the picture gives a white shimmering finish)

A Hint Of Manila (Took picture before I got my birthday nails).

These 3 shades and 5 more will release tomorrow on the KBShimmer website.
Which ones will you be purchasing?

Thanks for reading!!

New Wild n Wild Beauty Products at Walgreens 

Hey again!!

So this just happened…. I unexpectedly came across the new Wet n Wild beauty products in my Walgreens. I say unexpectedly because this Walgreens is close to my job & it used to be so out of date when it came to getting the latest in makeup (but they stepped up their beauty aisle for real)!! These products were said to release for 2107 but who’s complaining huh, not me & don’t you!!

Unfortunately there weren’t any prices on the display but I can tell you the prices for the items I purchased.

Higlighters are $4.99

The diversity for the shades is ridiculous, but the coupon on the display says that all 20 shades will be on the website (HERE).

Illuminating highlighter is $5.99
Soft Matte Lip creams are $4.99

I wonder if nail polishes will debut as a part of the collection? As you know the Megalast Catsuit Matte lipsticks are available on the website as we speak (HERE).

So now that you’ve seen the menu, what are you ordering lol.

Thanks for reading!!

New Jordana Sweet Cream Matte shades 

I can’t say enough about finding affordable quality matte liquid lipsticks!! Doesn’t that sound like a oxymoron–matte liquid?! Being a long time reader of mine you already know there’s such a thing.

Speaking of matte liquid, get a eyeful of these new matte liquid lipsticks shades from the Jordana Cosmetics line. I did a review on the first set they released, you can watch my swatch video HERE.

I’ll remind you that Jordana is Milani Cosmetics’s sister company so you’ll find if you get them, that they bear a very “sisterly” formula.

I was put on by @glossguru who spotted the display 

The new shade #’s are: 21,22,23,24,25,26.

Here are the shades I got (21,22,25,26)…

When time permits I’m going to take on the challenge of comparing these to the Amore Matte Lip Crème lipsticks. These retail for $4.99 and can be found in Walgreens & Kmart.

How do you like the looks of these new shades??

Thanks for reading!!

Wet n Wild Megalast Catsuit swatches 

Y’all I was so amped when these lippies started popping up at Walgreens, I couldn’t wait to get my lips on these (pause) lol. I was hooked when their fall lipsticks released, I hoped these were a match in formula. They are a match in formula indeed…. it applies smooth, no smell, dries quickly & most importantly MATTE!!

I was a little upset at myself because I raced to get these when they released online, while a surprise to me I stopped in the Walgreens by my job and they just put them out on the shelf. I’ve learned that now I need to hurry up and wait lol.

I haven’t worn them yet but I’d like to give you some swatches, in case you haven’t picked these up yet for $4.99.

 924B-Rebel Rose

925B-Give Me Mocha

926B-Berry Recognize

930B-Missy & Fierce

932B-Goth Topic

931B-Video Vixen

Here’s a comparison of the 2 of the fall lippies (How Fleek is Your Love & Don’t Be a Plum Plum) and the new shades.

Don’t let the lighting fool you, Goth Topic is a nice brown-vamp color in person.

Which ones do you see yourself buying?

Thanks for reading 

Red Alert

As much as I used to live denying that I look damn good in red lips, I must admit it’s one of my favorite colors to wear. 

Especially during the Christmas holiday season I feel like red is the necessary color. 

Here are some of my favorite red lippies by Colourpop!!

Do you own any of these?





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Milani Face & Eye Strobe Palette 

Hey peeps….

Do I have to repeat how much I love Milani products, I mean really does it bear repeating lol. 

This is a new highlighter that I feel can be an essential addition to your makeup collection. The formula is smooth and buttery, applies very opaque I mean Milani just won’t disappoint (fingers crossed)!!

This color combination looks bomb on my skin tone, it’ll be a very complimentary when I rock it!! You can pick this up from Walgreens so far for $11.99.

Now let’s take in these lights……

This is Sun Light

Do you think you’ll be picking this up?

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New Milani Amore Matte Shades 38-42

Now y’all already know that when it comes to matte liquid lipsticks, Milani and I are definitely a power couple!! We’ve been kicking it hard body ever since the first release and not one single argument between us has commenced lol.

A few weeks ago I spotted these new colors by searching the hashtag #milaniamoremattelipcreme on IG, that’s what I do when I wanna make sure Milani ain’t tryna slide a few pass me…. the new number shades are 38-42. These are in a display which is basically a old display so you’d be sure to overlook it like “ehh I have those”, oh but you don’t!! I found these in CVS, they still retail for $7.99.

Here are shades 38-42 

I’ve taken the liberty to also compare some of the previous colors.

Some may argue that a lot of these colors are dupes to previous released colors, but I like to use similar (I brag different lol).

See any colors you’re thinking of grabbing? Which ones??

Thanks for reading!!

Deck the hauls

People…. I know I’m guilty as charged if you’ve labeled me M.I.A! I know I’ve taken the back seat on posting for a while but rest assured that I’m still shopping!! No need to fret because I’m not done with my blogging yet!!

Check out some of my latest purchases

Colourpop’s latest release “Now Playing” collection called “To and From” (which is still available). Isn’t the packaging so fly!!

Colourpop X Hello Kitty collab (still available on their site).

Profusion Cosmetics highlighter palette found at Burlington Coat Factory for $4.99.

Juvia’s Place (black owned business). “Masquerade Pallet” mini

AYA Cosmetics  (black owned business) eyeshadows “so pigmented” stay peeled for swatches. 

Lastly, a new journal I found at Burlington Coat factory for $3.99. I especially love that the lipsticks image are on all lined pages.

I’m pretty much decked out in the hauls department for now, but there’s always a chance of finding deals with the upcoming “Black Friday” extravaganza….. What’s on your wish list (capital one guy voice lol).

LA Colors Matte Lipgloss 

I hope I’m not sounding like a broken record each time I mention you to follow me on IG, but seriously you should follow me tho lol.

I posted a pic of this tumbler on IG a few days ago. I picked this up from Family Dollar for $5, there’s a style of nail polishes or lip glosses or Matte lip glosses. You know me being that me and matte go together and all, I needs my matte-ness!! 

These matte lippies don’t have any cool names or unique colors but if you’re looking for inexpensive stocking stuffers for the holidays, they got chu!! They do dry fast and down to a hard matte, but they still transfer, lasts about 4 hours. I can’t complain about these whether they’re $5 or $50 I like to try them all, compare and contrast…..

Cute packing, reminds me of the Smashbox Matte lippies…

(Pic credit:

I wanted to compare the two reds and no they’re not the same…

So what say you, have I lead you on a mission to grab these for yourself or for someone else?

Thanks for reading.

KBSHIMMER Winter Collection 2016 swatches

*Press Sample*

It’s that time… time for @kbshimmer Winter 2016 collection. The winter/holiday collection is a big one. 16 shades in a variety of finishes that captures not only the chill in the air, but also the celebratory feeling that holiday parties bring. The collection will also have some awesome holiday promos and limited edition scents. This collection releases on November 1st. Stay tuned for the holo swatches. #kbshimmer

Get your Christmas wish list started… which one(s) are you put a check next to?

Thanks for reading 

Victoria’s Secret Velvet Matte Cream Lip Stain 

Someone in the beauty community let the cat outta the bag many moons ago that liquid lipsticks have taken the beauty world by storm! It’s no secret, no even Victoria’s!! I mean everybody and their mama’s mama is getting their hands all up in the lip-Aid lol. 

You know I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t review Victoria’s Secrets’ latest release of their version of Velvet Matte lipsticks. I got a email last week stating that this is their newest beauty news so you know how I do, skipped into my local VS store 2 copp a few! I got these during the B2G2F promo, they retail for $14. There are 5 colors available but I wasn’t feeling the last nude color.

For the most part they don’t stand apart from any drugstore cream lipstick on a stick. There isn’t anything unique about the formula nor the colors so in my opinion you don’t NEED these–definitely not for $14. You’d just be paying for a lipstick that has Victoria’s Secret on it but the secret’s out Victoria– we see you!! 

If you have any of NYX’s soft matte lip creams (or the likes) you can miss these cause they’re just the copy cat cousins lol!! These are matte (a very comfortable matte) but they transfer messily onto everything however, they apply opaque & have the standard dofa applicator. 

I hope they decide to delve into the actual liquid lipstick formula– I’d for sure be all here for trying it. 

Thanks for reading 

Profusion Velvet Matte Lipstick Swatches

*Press Sample*

If you watched my latest YouTube video where I showcased me doing an unboxing when I got this box in the mail, these lipsticks will look familiar. If you missed seeing the video here’s a chance to watch it as many times as you like HERE.

What I like about these lipsticks is that they’re very comfortable to wear. Even though they’re not the hard drying matte lipsticks I’ve become accustomed to wearing,  they do dry down matte. One thing about these I wish were different is that they remain nameless so no cutesy name.

As I said, I received this along with two other products to review via Profusion’s Beauty Insider program. You can apply to become a member using the link I’ve included in my video description.


Thanks for reading!

Subtle Makeup Look 

This is my basic everyday work makeup look….. I turned my blush into a little shimmer blush look without knowing lol. The blush is from a beauty trends blush pallet I found in Burlington Coat Factory a long time ago. The shimmer is a highlight by Makeup Revolution.

My eyeshadow is a copper color from Juvia’s Palace Nubian I pallet.

Thanks for reading 

The power of makeup

Hey pretty people!!

Speaking of pretty, has anyone done the “power of makeup” challenge? I finally got around to doing it the other day…. 

Let me tell y’all that ya girl didn’t wear makeup until after my son was born (he’s 13 now). I didn’t start wearing makeup hard body until just a few years ago. My skin has always been acne prone & scar prone, despite my many failed attempts of trying to achieve flawless skin…. those were some very bothersome trials of my life. From the beginning of puberty into my adolescent age people often dare not let me forget that I just slept while other sleeping beauties WOKE UP LIKE THIS lol. In my adult life I just got by, by dealing with healing the scars and figuring out specific acne triggers. 

I’ve never depended on makeup being that I went through the majority of my life without it. I actually don’t pay close attention to making sure I am always covering up my flaws. Don’t get me wrong I did what the dermatologists ordered, but after some time of seeing little or no results; I became so accustomed to the fact that I just have that type of skin… I like to wear makeup because I know what to do and I’m confident in applying it the way it will look best on me. I mean my skin isn’t just God awful to look at, but it could be better.

Today I’m still that person in that same skin full of flaws and all but my personality changed in many ways. I still maintain goals to achieve flawless skin but I choose to work much harder on what is easily overlooked. The power of makeup is in the hands of the applierThe power is having the confidence to wear makeup even though it can be wiped off, it’s knowing that makeup only covers your imperfections temporarily. YOU ARE responsible for your true identity.

(Image credit to Pinterest)

What about you, are you comfortable not wearing makeup?

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Face of the Day 

YAYYYYYY I remembered lol…

Here’s my look for today…

Today is one of those days when that highlight just blings….

I think this highlight stands out the most for my face of the day. It’s by Ofra and their collab with #dupethat called “You Dew You”….. If you like it, get your own HERE.

For my foundation I’m using Milani’s 2-n-1 concealer foundation. I honestly still have to use a concealer when wearing this foundation, that claim is false. I do like the longevity of this foundation, it’s in the color Chesnut. On the lips I’m wearing Hippy by Kleancolor.

*y’all please excuse my pics in this attire, I always forget to take my pics before I get dressed. I’ll do better 😋.

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Nicka K True Matte lipsticks review

I don’t know how I forgot to tell you about my latest video review on these beauty supply liquid lipsticks. If you’ve never heard of these lippies before I can assure you that you’re not missing a good episode from this show!!

I won’t spoil the fun for you but I’ll tell you this…..I’ve seen tons of good reviews on this product but too bad I’m not singing the same tune, it’s just a bad case of “lip sync” lol. Check out my review HERE

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How to deal with blogger online negativity 

When you read the title of this post I can bet that your remark will be “well it comes with the territory”, and you’re right. My intentions aren’t to deter you from that notion, it’s really my objective to give you an alternative way of dealing with it. Let’s face it since the Internet took the web by storm, a person’s true identity for some became a force of anonymity to be reckoned with! Online you can be who you are/who you want to be and who you don’t want to be exposed as…… We are living in a world where the internet and trolling are liable to skip hand in hand joyfully.

Don’t get me wrong, in no way am I saying that people don’t have the right to do it. I’m saying that as a blogger or someone who wants to showcase themselves as a brand online, you’re going to have to deal with opinions that’ll potentially support, oppose, harass & offend (among other things) your brand.

While I’m not usually bombarded with negativity online, I did recently experience quite a bit of negative comments on my YouTube channel. I don’t get negative comments on my blog like that but still, it happens.

Things to keep you up when negativity online tries to bring you down:

  • Keep in mind that you chose be in the limelight for social media. Take responsibility of your surroundings. As the saying goes “if you can’t take the heat”… You have choices……
  • Pick your battles wisely! By that I am speaking in terms of response. Think about it this way, would you argue with a dead person? No! The majority of the time the person commenting is under a fake profile, they’re page is private or they don’t have videos of themselves so why go toe to toe with a faceless troll? 
  • Armor yourself with the fact that it’s not about THEM it’s about YOU–keep it that way. It’s about you because it’s YOUR video/page, your belongings you’re talking about and it’s YOUR WAY OR NO WAY!
  • Use your filter options TO THE MAX!! Moderate your comments, BLOCK them like it’s nobody’s business!! If the comment doesn’t help you grow then it’s trying to stop you from growing!! Keep in mind that trolls don’t die just because one gets blocked, they multiply!! Keep blocking!!
  • Whatever you do, don’t take it personal.. Maybe they don’t mean to be mean, maybe they’re having a bad day or their life is in the shits for the moment and they’re looking for a target. Don’t buy tickets to someone else’s bad day!!
  • Remember you’re the one BRAVE enough to get on camera & upload it for the world to see! They’re only brave behind a fake account– you got the juice!!
  • Lastly, don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself. Take the bitter with something sweet, hey it worked for the Golden Girls lol

At the end of the day getting trolled is not the end of the world. They win when you stop posting, they win when their negativity changes you to act just like they do. Opinions are like a-holes, funny how a-holes are always talking i$h lol!!!

What are some ways you conquer dealing with negativity online? 

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Milani Mattes to fall for 2016 swatches

Who doesn’t know by now that Milani Amore Matte Lip Cremes are my favorite liquid lipsticks thus far?! I’d like to crush the rock you’ve been hiding under lol. Honestly, any drug store liquid lipstick collection that comes out I’m down to try, but when I saw this mattes to fall for I fell in formation lol.

This collection started popping up in stores like HEB & of course Walgreens. If you were lucky enough to catch these last week then you would’ve purchased them through the BOGO 1/2 off sale. In the event that your local Walgreens is always on one about getting the latest beauty products then you should try purchasing from the IG account Beautifullydamaged, she will invoice and ship to you; she’s located in CT.

So on to why I have this constant case of FOMO….

This is what the display looks like (hope the ones you find are full or close to it lol)

Ones I’ve purchased…

Here’s a comparison of the fall colors & on the right, previously released collection colors.


Here’s a comparison, on the left is the new fall colors, on the right is previously released colors.

*I’ve uploaded a new video on my YouTube channel yesterday featuring lip swatches of this collection, you can watch it HERE.

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Cute Cadet Loyalty mani

Yes y’all I know it’s been a minute but I’m back with the jumpoff lol (Lil Kim voice)…..

I really need to get back into posting my nails of the day so today I’ll start it!!

I’m using for the first time since I bought it, a polish by LA Colors from their Color Last line. There’s an array of colors and is sold in Family Dollar for $2. I won’t know if this lasts for 10 days cause I don’t wear the same polish for more than 24 hours. I do love the formula, drying time and finish. It dries to a shine and in about 5 minutes.

This color is called Lonely 

This glitter overlay is by Sinful Colors from their Camo Glitter collection. It’s called Cute Cadet.

What’s on your nails?

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Wet n Wild Autumn Lush 2016 collection 

Hey y’all happy Friday!! 

Have you seen the latest makeup buzz on this new collection by Wet n Wild called “Autumn Lush”? I got some products from the collection on my YouTube channel, go check out what your next makeup haul is going to be lol. 

Check it out HERE… Don’t forget to sub, like and comment 

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Checking in w/ life update 

Hey beautiful people what’s the good word? Hope everyone is golden & fab at the same damn time lol. Well I wanted to stop in and let y’all know I’m still breathing. 

I know a few weeks back I told you all about a health issue I was enduring, I’m here to bring you up to speed….. 

On July 5 I underwent a hysterectomy & I’m happy to report that I’m 3 weeks post-op healing well and feeling better each day. It turned out that I only needed my uterus & fallopian tubes removed, my ovaries are fine so yeah that menopause crap is on pause lol. 

My son is almost 14 soooooooo no plans on starting baby mode again here! No more babies or periods… FUN STUFF!!

I’m happy I was in tune with my body and had the problem checked out…..

I plan on doing a YouTube video of my latest haul since I can leave the house now so stick around for that.

See you soon 💋 

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Did She Write That?

Were your parents anything like mine, the ones that was afraid to write their name on anything in case it’s found by the wrong person? Y’all I grew up in the West Indian culture and sometimes we can be so superstitious lol. I can remember going to the .99 store or a stationary store begging my mom to buy me a journal. As a young girl going through the ups and down of friendships, puppy love, popularity and etc you know how essential journals were (& still are). 

My parents used to say “don’t write anything that’ll incriminate you” or “don’t write something that’ll make people mad at you if they read it”. Hmm, my reply would always be “if they don’t want their feelings hurt they won’t read my stuff”!! 

My journal was my sister, best friend, confidant and my safe haven. I was not once scared to write my true feelings & it gave me such a relief after I wrote in it. I can tell you this, journals kept me out of a lot of arguments lol.

Here’s the ones I have now….

These are the only two planners I have. I got the first one from Target dollar section ($3 for binder, $3 for refill sheets). The other is from Big Lots $1.

Can you tell I love polka dots!!

How many of you are journalistas lol?

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Nicka K New York The Matte Lipsticks 

Word of advice to those of you who don’t check out your local beauty supply store for affordable lipsticks, DON’T SLEEP!! I got a few of the Nicka K matte lipsticks a few months back on not thinking these would be in my BSS! 

I strolled in there this weekend for some dye and boom they were sitting pretty in their display (quite a few colors that I already have were low on stock). I paid $1.99 for these, they smell awesome (like the strawberry shortcake toy I had growing up) and dry down matte like a mother!! These don’t budge and they’re a task to remove when you’re ready so I suggest you have some olive oil real close!!

Which one(s) do you like?

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Starving for a Neverfull?

Lol my post title is made with much pun… If you know the cost of this bag, you know why!!
I don’t know what came over me a few Saturdays ago…. I couldn’t sleep any longer so I had a bright idea to reorganize all my handbags (among other things in there). I’ve been rocking my cognac colored MCM Liz Reversible Shopper for months now and it always dawned on me how similar it is to the Louis Vuitton’s Neverfull MM handbag. I took the time to do my research and weigh the pros and cons of the Liz shopper to the neverfull. 

Here’s what I’ve found….
MCM LIZ REVERSIBLE SHOPPER in medium (my bag) 

Pros & Cons Details:

  • Cost of medium-$590
  • Cost of large-$665
  • Colors are: Cognac, Black, Ruby Red, denim blue and pink.
  • Measurements: 15″W X 10″H X 6 1/2D
  • 8″ Strap Drop
  • Pouch/Clutch measures 11 1/2″W X 8″H X 1  1/2″D
  • Medium is $670 less than LV Neverfull
  • Sizes available are medium & large.
  • Pouch/Clutch can be worn as a shoulder bag.
  • Dual top handles
  • Pouch clutch is roomy enough to store your wallet and cellphone with space for more items. 
  • Has a drawstring on both sides of bag
  • Style is made for reversible wear
  • Has an inside clasp to semi close the top of bag
  • Gold hardware 
  • Comes with dust bag
  • Can be used as a baby bag
  • On sale on mcm site now!
  • Doesn’t have metal feet
  • Resell value isn’t as high in demand as the LV Neverfull 
  • No inside pocket or keychain holder
  • If you wear any clothes with a strong dye color, it can transfer & stain the cognac colored style.

Now let’s talk about this Neverfull chic lol…

Pros and Cons Details:

  • Cost $1,260
  • Models available are: Monogram Canvas, Damier Ebene Canvas, Damier Azur & Epi Leather
  • Choice of inside lining color selections
  • Measurements are: 12.6L X 11.4H X 6.7W
  • Sizes available are: PM, MM & GM
  • Pouch can be worn as a wristlet
  • Has a inside pocket
  • Has a drawstrings on both sides of bag
  • Has an inside keychain holder
  • Can be used as a baby bag
  • Holds a high resell value 
  • Can be purchased pre-loved & authentic for a good price
  • Gold hardware 
  • Easy to clean
  • Doesn’t go on sale
  • Pouch is smaller than MCM clutch
  • Doesn’t have metal feet
  • Pouch cannot be worn on a shoulder
  • Handbag isn’t reversible 
  • May I repeat that IT’S $1,260 lol!!!!

Some people say “it’s just shoes” or “it’s just a purse, but consider it an investment! Don’t get me wrong, me and Lou we are cool! I’m not saying I’ll roll up in his store and make it rain  (I do own 3 of his bags bought pre-loved)…. but I’m saying tho, anybody know where the clearance rack is LOL!

So tell me, which one do you prefer to tote and why? Which LV’s do you own? Which MCM style purse do you own/like? 

Most importantly, tell me if you think the Neverfull is worth the price or is it how your pockets are left?

PS- I pretty content with my MCM Shopper but if you’re in the market for a pre-loved LV bag, check out these sites…..I have a pre-loved Speedy 35 for a great price on the way to me  ✌🏾️

The Real, Fashionphile and Tradesy…… don’t starve for a Neverfull!!

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