Smoking Ashes & Fireworks

Hi lacquerinas and happy Monday to you all. I was really hesitant in posting this mani, but now would I be keeping it real if I didn’t post polish jobs that I didn’t care for? Not exactly! I had such high hopes for this dark color, but ehh I don’t know if it’s 100% me; every woman knows what colors do it for her. Here I painted my nails first with China Glaze’s “Smoke and Ashes”, it is a real Gothic looking color. I purchased this from the clearance rack at Ulta. On my accent nail I used a glitter layover by Kleancolor “Firework”, I didn’t want to wear all black nails so I figured I’d compliment them with this glitter. It holds a very Christmasy appearance, it has green, red and gold chunky and fine glitters in it; I bet any amount of money it would look so dope layered on those color polishes. Well at least I tried it out, don’t know how long this color will stay on my nails….


Miss me, let’s make up

Happy Friday people! Today I did a switch-a-roo, I decided to try the oval nail shape so we shall see how long I keep this look. I’ve been wanting to try this shape for a while and since I had lots of time today I went ahead and got it done. Plus the fact that my real nails had been severely breaking this week, it pushed me even more to get it done; I like it so far.

I had my nail girl paint my nails (I don’t normally let anybody paint them), she used OPI’s “elephantastic pink” and then I used Sation’s “Miss & Make Up” polish on my middle finger when I got home. I adore this glitter polish because of its hexagon pink shaped glitter and silver foil looking shapes with chin hairs; it also has black glitter shapes mixed into it. I also got this on

Happy Black Friday, hope you got good deals.





Kiss my A’s

Hi ladies, no I’m not being rude to you all, this happens to be the name of the red Sation polish I am wearing. I love their funky names for their polishes. The glitter polish I am using is called “Whirled away” by China Glaze which is from their Cirque De Soleil collection. I had to nab that CG polish once I saw it advertised on Instagram, I purchased it from for 4.00. There’s only two polishes from the collection that I like.

I’m kind of late posting this because I did this mani a few days ago.





Pa pa pa purple

Hi ladies, I’m very late posting this mani i have to show you using two polishes by Sation. I’ve had these polishes for a while and found myself bored while on vacation two weeks ago. In this mani I used nail tape for the first time to do the stripes. One tip I must give you while using the nail tape is to make sure your polish is completely dry. The nail tape is very efficient, fun and user friendly, I bought like 10 rolls of different colors for $1 and change on ebay. The polish names are Miss Emo Shun All & Tardy Tart, needless to say I really like Sation polish.





Candie’s Mint

Hi ladies, well here we are again, back at Monday! I went ahead & took the liberty of scheduling some posts because I will be occupied with a 2250 word research paper on serial killer John Wayne Gasey, it is due in 2 weeks but I’ve decided to get the ball and bounce on it.

My mani today is a polish by Candie’s I picked up while browsing Kohl’s department store. I read on someone’s blog that they had a spotting of this polish and I decided to take a tour for myself; I remember Candie’s store from back in the day. To be honest with you I didn’t see anything spectacular about the colors, I believe I already have the colors that they are offering. I went on a whim and picked up two polishes I know I have the dupe to but I am not positive of their whereabouts. In these pics I am wearing the polish called Mighty Mint. It’s a green minty color that reminds me of a lime sorbet color, the satisfied opacity for me is 2 coats. This polish has a pretty good formula which isn’t too thick or watery. The brush is a good size and the size/shape of the bottle is cute, I really like the diamond shaped top handle. I picked up 2 polishes that retails at $8 but when I got to the register it rang up $5.60 each so that’s a plus for the minus; I believe they are available online also. The glitter polish I used is a polish I’ve had that I purchased from Ross for 1.99 it’s called Cosmetic Arts polish.

I’d like to say a early HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you all!!

Don’t cry mermaid

Any of you ever wonder where OPI comes up with these cool names for their polishes, let me know if you do because I’m still stumped. Today I have a mani I did using their Mermaid Tears polish. I don’t have to review OPI polish because I’ve yet to have a complaint and I have too many bottles not to have done a review already.

I am however developing a complaint about some of the polishes looking exactly the same! I’m hip to the game, I know they are recycling some of these colors. The crackle I used is by Color Club.

Don’t cry little mermaid it’s gonna be okay :)…..

P.s please excuse my ripped skin by my cuticles I’ve been under the weather and cleaning w/o gloves.



Pink Monday

Hi ladies… I’m still here, I’ve been under the weather for a few days now. I mustered up some strength to drag myself outta bed and do something constructive. I posted on my Instagram (goldensyard- follow me) a while back that the girly clothing store Charlotte Russe has heir own polish now, and how the bottle shape resembles American Apparel’s own.

So I got around to using the ones I got which are a jet black and this fluorescent pink. They don’t have funky names to them just regular color names. I will rate this polish a 8. The formula is thick and its first coat is very matte and streaky. You’re looking at 3 coats plus a Seche top coat.

On my accent nail I used a OPI glitter called “The Living Daylights” from the James Bond Skyfall collection. The glitters have a fall look to it with its use of gold, red, silver and orange colors. I imagine with a red or green background it would be so fabulous !

Well I bid you all a great Monday….