Bettina Haze, Grape & Secret Garden

Hey ladies, I have this mani to show you and I must admit my Bettina collection has grown (I have 22 now); I haven’t made time to swatch them. However, little by little I’ll be including them in my mani’s.

Here is my attempt at the cloud layering mani. I love Bettina because their polishes don’t take more than 2 coats to become opaque. I used Haze as my base color, then Grape and lastly Secret Garden.





Born Pretty Store polish review

Hi ladies, I have some polishes from bornprettystore to review. These polishes are cute and fun in size, I chose these four because they caught my eye on first impulse. They don’t have polish names, just numbers. The formula is pretty easy to work with, however the green took quite a few coats (4) to become opaque. The green color is #33, the burgundy color is #41, the pink color is #17 and the blue is #31. They cost $2.75 on the site.

They have some pretty nice choice of colors to so go on over to BPS and take a look at the selection.











Fireberry by Nailmattic

It’s me again, honestly how many times do you get onto yourself about your excessive nail polish hauls? Outta completer  boredomness (yes that’s a word) I was browsing where I saw a lady selling polish making stater kits. She lives in Miami and has quite a bid of neat stuff in her store. So I ordered the starter kit which consists of glitter suspension base, 14 solvent glitters, 6 empty bottles, 4 mini bottles and 8 steel mixing balls.

Last night I decided to try my hand on creating a polish so below is the results. I will call it “Fireberry” like this sneaker colorway that released some time last year, which is aqua, pink, black (or some may say turquoise). I don’t think I will get into the polish selling business as it is very time consuming, but if I happen to master it then it could be a side gig….

I has a blue base color by itself but I did an overlay of it over Sinful colors “Rise and Shine”…









Hi all, this is a quick swatch I did of Bettina’s “Marshmallow” polish. It’s a very creamy but solid polish as it is being applied you can see the smooth texture and its determination of opaque in 2 coats.

When I ordered it I thought it would be white, but it’s more of an off-white creamy polish. I have so many Bettina polishes that I need to swatch but I’ll get to it…. one way or another, sooner than later.




Glitter Icing

Happy Friday all, I wore this mani the other day and forgot to blog it (becoming a habit). I’ve posted the green glitter (Twisted Fantasy) some time ago, so here’s it’s beautiful sister Candy Shop.

Now although Deborah Lippmann has a polish of this formula and name it is NOT a dupe to it. This pink is much darker and DL’s polish seems to have more glitter. It’s still worth buying. Also, Claire’s has a polish just like this called Candy Shop and the pink is also different from both this one and DL’s polish.





Butler Please

Happy Hump Day ladies (no pun intended)….

Today I have a polish that I am using within days of buying it (go me), this is Butler Please by Essie. It appears to be in the royal blue family but as a second cousin. It’s so smooth and attractive as a color in the bottle and on the nail. I applied 2 coats ( I think it wouldn’t have hurt to use a third coat but I didn’t). I also tried using the nail tape again, once you get used to it, it can be fun.

Have a nailmattic day…






Burn book- Indie

Happy Monday all… Today I have a swatch for you from a Indie brand called Polish Addict by Laura Sanchez. I have been following her IG account and saw that she was having a sale and scooped 3 bottles up. You can check out her products here at she has lots of eye catching polishes, and she’s always in the lab creating more.

So I have here Burn Book, it’s a gray glitter formula which consists of red, white, black and silver glitters of different shapes. I layered it on top of Essence’s “Grey to be here”, and since you’re here have a look…..