Hi ladies, today I have a Easter franken I made yesterday. I made a total of 5 Easter polishes for myself.

Up today is “KISS MY KEASTER”, it’s a yellow milky polish with glitter shapes of green squares, gold tinsel, red fine glitter and purple squares. This is 3 coats and a top coat.



Marbled water

Hi ladies, today I want to share with you all my progress on this water marble technique that’s been a trend for a while now.

I have been at this thing trying to perfect its look for a while and when something does work for me immediately I tend to not be able to forget about it. So without further ado here are two manis I’ve done with the water marble, I feel confident about its look.

At the end of the water marble pic I decided to add some dots to it, which gave it a prettier touch I think.




21 reasons to love polish

Hi ladies, today I have a mani to show from yet another Forever 21 haul (mini). This model has the “Indie” look that seems to be running in the lead by price ($2.80).

This polish is a pink semi-thick lacquer formula which makes for a jelly look as a finish. This formula consists of red hearts and fine silver glitter. Its finish is shiny void of a top coat, you’re welcome to apply one; I’ve applied three coats of this formula.

OAN: XXI needs to stop playing an get with the program, start coming up with cool names for real for real!!




Bettina Swatches

Happy Friday ladies, today I have some random Bettina polishes to show you from my collection, I try to remember which ones I haven’t swatched yet.

Bettina polishes are one of thee best formulas out there in lacquer land, if you don’t own any I implore you to get a some if not all :).

Below in the box I’ve swatched the following L to R: Mojito, Nature Birds, Champagne and Ocean.





Milani Texture polishes










Hi ladies, today I have 4 swatches to share with you from the Milani “Texture” collection. Zoya sent me the Zoya Pixie Dust polishes however, I wasn’t too thrilled about the colors. These texture polishes takes some getting used to, several times a day I rub my nails and it’s startling sometimes when I feel the roughness of them. I really liked the colors to this Milani collection so that’s why I chose to get these.The finish reminds me of when concrete is being mixed. LOL.

So many other brands are jumping on the band-wagon with this texture polish trend such as China Glaze, Julie G and Jordana, not to forget the OPI Liquid Sand collection with Mariah Carey.
Anyhoo I hope you like my donation to the Milani bank account