Off the White

Hi ladies, quick post because today is already a busy day…. I was at the nail supply store the other day and spotted this brand called iPolish, if you thought of Apple instantly; join the club. This has nothing to do with electronics tho. I’m so happy to be able to buy polishes at certain nail supply places w/o a license.

This brand does have model names for their polishes, I just happened to get one that doesn’t have a sticker on it. Remembering back to the rack label I believe this is Off the White, this is an off white creme polish. The formula rate for thickness is a 6, it’s actually light but thick for application and goes on smooth. First coat was sort of streaky but the next 2 layers had its back covering the streaks.

This is simplicity for me, I hardly ever wear the color so plain Jane.

Have a good weekend, I plan to 🙂







Polka anyone

Hi ladies, I’d like to show you a mani I wore the other day. Forgive me for I do not remember the names of the polishes. My nail supply store just got in a large stock of Verity polishes and I went a lol crazee!!

Here I’ve provided a simple tutorial of how this all went down doing a dots & stripes mani. At the end my accent nail just didn’t sit well with me so I gave the bow design another try. I was pleased with it as a result of my persistence.








Lady Liberty

Hi all, today I have to show you my mani using the second Bondi New York polish I purchased. Here is a look at Lady Liberty, It is a Mint Green color which could be used as a Spring pastel green as well IMO. I really enjoyed Bondi’s formula as it’s easy to apply, no streaks and in just two coats you’ll reach your opaque satisfaction.

I’ve chosen to layer Color Club’s “Wish Upon A Rock Star” over it, which made a effect glitter mani for me.





My pet purse Flamingo

Hi ladies, today I bring to you a mani I wore on Friday. This mani I included in my first time bringing out a Dooney & Bourke bag I had been after for a while. I’ve drooled over this bag every time the many of segments QVC has featured it on their D & B specials. Not only did I get this bag even though QVC and the Dooney site has sold out of this color, I also got this on sale with 30% off!! So patience is a virtue because I would have died paying those 5 payment installments that they offered. This bag I got from the Dooney Outlet in Orlando. It is called the Small Florentine Satchel, trust me it says small but it seems like a medium to me; it also has a long strap for the crossbody look.  

My mani to match with this bag is called Flamingo and it is from the Fiesta collection. I don’t find this pink to be unique from the other pinks that I own from Color Club, this just confirms that they’re just recycling colors, adding a few more drops of pigment or leaving out a few drops. It’s a neon/bubble gum pink, you’re viewing 3 coats just because pink is my signature color and I like my pink colors thick. I got this Fiesta collection pack of 7 from Beall’s Outlet here in Florida for $8.99.





Comic Cute

Hi ladies, I’d like to show you a mani I’m just so GIGGITY GIGGITY over… Here’s a limited edition Archie’s polish starring MAC Cosmetics. I dug deep in my wallet & gave them $17 for one polish. For some reason I just HAVE TO try out a pink polish when trying a new brand.

I live this color and its name is Comic Cute. The MAC store was stupid busy and it was a good thing cause I was tempted to look around, I said nope and jetted outta there. In this mani I also included another lovely holo from Color Club’s ’13 collection, this one is called Eternal Beauty. I just love the prism effect in sunlight have a looky see and fall in love…..





Beatrix Peach Surprise

Happy Hump Day Lacquerettes, I’d like to show you the model Beatrix from the recently released Zoya PixieDust Collection. I have to say that the colors in this collection I enjoy much better than the first set. Here is the orange/gold shimmer textured polish. This is 3 coats because I wanted it to look deeply textured.

This look reminds me of crumpled foil paper. I wasn’t sold by the first set but I’m pretty much playing for the entire team now.

On my accent nail I am wearing a franken I made around the Easter holiday. The formula is a peach base with pink squares, blue, green, red & pink circles with gold fine glitter. I call it Peach Surprise.

*products were sent as press sample*




Yellow Submarine

Hi all, today I have a review of my monthly polish subscription from and I must say I’m unhappy with this formula.

I find this polish to be thick in formula which requires longer drying time, even with a fast drying top coat. I’ve been a member since December and I’ve liked the formula this far. I don’t know what happened but I know I painted my nails the same way I’ve been painting them; square hue it’s not me it’s you!!