Ki-me Kiwi

Hey all and happy Friday, here are my latest nails of the day; kiwi inspired water marble design. I probably won’t be doing anymore fruit designed nail art for a while but I def will be doing water marble frequently– I loves it!!





Watermelon mani

Hi ladies, I’d like to share with you a water marble mani I saw done by simplelittlepleasures

YouTube page. This mani is inspired by her Fruit by fingers series which I find to be so cute, this one is the watermelon model. If you don’t sub her please do, her manis are fabulous.

This I’ve done using two different shades of green, a white and pink polish (OPI, Bettina). I’ve really become confident in doing this technique.





Minty Love

Hi ladies, I know I haven’t posted in a minute but it’s with good reason. I have 4 more classes that are needed in order for me to complete my degree, so I’m engrossed in the crime lab kits that I must complete and summarize. Anyhoo here’s a brand I’ve seen in Ross I dunno how many times but was a bit apprehensive to buy because of its low price.

This is JLB Cosmetics, sold mostly in Ross stores. I bought a pack of 7 which consists of various colors for $5.99. Today I’m wearing the model polish “Love Mint”, I’ve applied two coats and did not use a top coat at all. I actually like the formula, the initial scent can be a wee bit overwhelming; but it doesn’t last long at all. I can’t wait to use the others.




Pop Rockin

This is a Franken I made last night called Pop Rocks. My homegirl Cam (@loveandlaces) came thru with this name for me as I was stumped on what to call it. This is a sea green color base with hot pink fine glitters. I purchased the glitter from a shop on etsy called misfitson8th. The finish was a little matte for me, so I applied one coat of Cuccio glossy top coat.

It’s Friday eve, thank God for small favors!!




Rosie Boo Boo

Hi all, I’m going to give u a quick review of this polish I picked up at Walgreens. This polish is scented and it’s called Tea Beauty, this one is called Pink Rose and is from the Bouquet collection. I have to tell u that I’m not pleased with its scent AT ALL. It’s a strong overwhelming scent that had me washing my hands every 10 minutes. It’s scent resemblance a perfume my grandmother has that I know she got from her local drug store!! Even my coworker smelled it and asked if I was trying a new perfume lol!!

I got this at my local Walgreens and it is priced at $4.99. Now the formula I can work with, its application is smooth showing no streaks. This pink is a little on the sheer side but I’ve applied three coats and I’m good with it.



SinfulShine Swatches

Hi folks! I’m a little late but allow me to show you these polishes I picked up last Friday. I normally don’t swatch the same day but my boo & brother went to see Iron Man 3 & I took advantage of some alone time.

These polishes are the newly released Sinful Colors polishes which includes a glossy gel finish to it. I must say that this formula seems thicker than the original SF polishes. Don’t get me wrong, thicker doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. I only applied two coats and all swatches of course are w/o a top coat.

L to R: Most Sinful, Skinny Dipping, Picante, Your’s Truly, Bananappeal, Picante