Right here in black & white

Here’s a swatch of the three black & white glitters I have.
1. Maybeline Show Color “Clearly Spotted”
2. China Glaze “Whirled Away”
3. Hard Candy “Black Tie Optional”.

As you can see that all 3 have unique features. So when someone tells you it’s the same thing”, shake your index finger at them (painted of course)!!




Green means Go….

Hey all here is the other Morgan Taylor polish I bought last week. Although I’m a creme formula girl I do like a little shimmer every now & again. I teamed it up with Bettina’s “Orchidea” polish which is a creme formula and it’s so smooth like a nice mint smoothie.




Bombshell Pink

Browsing through my phone today and noticed I didn’t post this swatch of Victoria’s Secret polish. This I purchased last week during their 50% off sale/annual sale. Not a huge selection of colors but I managed to pick two that looks good, here’s one of them; a rich pink polish made just the way I like it. Here’s two coats, the formula is very friendly and not streaky or thick.


Essence Tutti Fruity- Strawberry

Hey all and Happy Monday (whatever that means), here’s my current mani which involves a collection by Essence that only released in the UK some time last year. I went through great measures to try to track these down but I resulted in no luck until I sifted through eBay. Last week I won the bid for $24, but before that I lost 3 times only to see the ad be relisted (because the person didn’t pay). Anyhow, here is Strawberry….