Today is my birthday YAY!! So I decided to put some bling in my swing. For my nails I’ve used two OPI liquid sand polishes, Magazine Cover Mouse (red) & Honey Ryder (gold) along with Zoya “Ziv”.

I did my acrylic nails set for the first time, it’s not perfect but I accomplished my goal!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and have a safe night. Please drink responsibly and call the AAA hotline if you don’t have a designated driver.







Pink Ice in Zen Garden

Hi ladies, I’m so sorry that I have just posted only once this week. I have out-of-town guests and I’ve just been busy recuperating from Christmas. So I hope Santa (the Polish Santa that is), was good to you all.

Today I am wearing a polish from Ruby Wing called “Zen Garden”. It’s a color changing polish and unfortunately it’s been rainy here and I won’t be able to show you the color it changes to. It’s suppose to go from this light purple to a brown color.

On my two accent nails is a polish I got from Rue 21. No cool names I guess they’re too cool for em lol. The formula is a purple lacquer mixed with blue circle and tinsel glitters. I’ve applied 3 coats. I’ve picked up a few more and if you haven’t been to the store, go to their site and find a location near you they have really great deals http://www.rue21.com.






You’re gonna see me ROAR

GOOD MORNING NAILMERICA!! Well it looks like I see Christmas Day approaching the platform with gifts and such, I’ve been good I like to think….. For me I’ll be proactive and start wrapping the kids gifts tonight.

So what I’ve got going on today are some animal print nails. If you’re my friend, you’ll know that I’m quite fond of leopard, tiger and cheetah print. In some instances I like zebra print too, providing it’s executed well!!

These animal print nail decals are by Sally Hansen Salon Effects, they’re called “Rock N’ Roar”. I’ve had these for a while and there was an open pack in my stash, I suggest you dispose of the pack if you don’t use all of them because they dry out. So I’m wearing two of my favorite things: pink & animal print. The pink polish is by OPI, which is called “If you moust, you moust”. I enjoyed creating this mani, I suppose I’ll wear it for a few ticks…..

With my birthday coming to a girl named ME and that it’s one day away from 2014, you’re gonna hear me ROAR lol :))





Platinum Belugaria

Out of the whole Essie “Encrusted Treasures” collection, this is the only one I had to have!! It just seemed so elegant and reminded me of caviar bling lol!!

On my other nails I’m wearing another polish from Bettina’s “Grandeur” collection, this one is Platinum, now you know you can’t have bling without platinum jewels!! This polish has a silver/gold tone to it along with fine gold glitters in the formula.

11 MORE DAYS TILL MY BDAY!! I’m getting my birthday nails ideas into the brain storm!!

I hope you all are getting your Christmas shopping done, you have some time left but I wouldn’t call it a lot of time!!

Happy Holidays






Mint Choco Chip

Hi ladies, this is a late post, a post I should have uploaded yesterday!

Yesterday’s mani consisted of 3 polishes, two which seems of the same color. The mint green polishes I am wearing on my gradient fingers are OPI “Mermaid Tears” & Morgan Taylor’s “Mint Chocolate Chip”. The green glitter indie looking polish is Nanacoco’s “Macaron”. I picked this one and several others like it from a nail supply store in Orlando. This is 2 coats of the glitter.

I see the Mint color but not the chocolate chip…. I guess it’s my skin time then lol 🙂






Savage the nail junkie

Hi everyone, today’s nails are brought to you by Sinful Colors.

On my ring finger I am wearing Savage which a matte- finish polish, two coats! I love this color for the fall & winter since it’s just a few days away. On my other fingers, the glitter polish is called Nail Junkie; I bought these two together from Walgreens.

Go to my IG (Nailmattic) to check out my cool video frame pic :))




Textured Snowflakes

Hello everyone and happy Monday!!

Today I’d like to show you my nails which consists of dupes to OPI & Sephora Formula X top coat effects polish.

On my index finger is Forever 21’s Sand Lacquer, on my middle finger is OPI’s “Magazine cover mouse” liquid sand polish. Both have been applied in two coats, you can spot the similarity with little or no difference.

On my ring & pinky finger I am wearing Nanacoco “Snowflakes” which is a dupe to Sephora Formula X Xplosives top coat called “Wham!”.








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