Zoya Awaken Monet Collection


Hi ladies, today I’d like to share with you swatches of the new to be released Zoya Awaken Monet collection.
While I’m not a shimmer polish type of girl, I felt like the formula for the shimmer polishes were easy to apply and the drying time didn’t take too long either.

The two creme polishes that are in the collection opaque in two coats with drying time of about 5 minutes.

Lastly, the glitter top coat is Monet. I really like this glitter because of its shimmery glitter appearance. It’s very fun and would probably look great over all the polishes in the collection. I personally like it over Dot.

Have a look at these swatches I’ve done.

The names are as followed:

Cole, Dillon, Rebel, Hudson, Brooklyn, Dot an the glitter top coat is Monet.










Sinful Colors Beatnick and Pink Poppys

Hello polish world occupants lol, how’s your week starting off? Good I hope….

On my nails I am wearing two polishes that were sent to me by my dear Stef over at Fairly Charming. This collection by Sinful Colors called “Mod In Bloom” and “Oh My Mod” which consists of Spring colored creme polishes. It looked too close to last year’s Sugar Rush collection so I didn’t want a lot of the colors. These can be found at Rite-Aid for $1.99. This polish I am wearing on my accent nail is called Pink Poppys, the formula is an easy apply; I’ve applied two coats.

On the rest of my nails is a green/teal colored polish by the sister collection to MOD IN BLOOM called “OH MY MOD”. This is called Beatnick, I’ve applied two coats and no top coat in the first pic.




~SHE BAGS~ Amy Robinson

Hello everyone, I’m going to assume that you all had a safe, fun and/or relaxing weekend! If not, you have this weekend coming up to give it another shot :).

Today I bring to you another interview for my segment SHE BAGS , so far I’ve done 3 (I hope you’ve had the chance to check those out).

Today’s interview is of a young lady whom has been a friend to me for almost two decades… I cannot tell a lie, I have known for years about her addiction love for handbags and yes I condone it lol. Now, while I can’t specifically narrow down the type of handbag brands she likes because it various, along with the colors and styles; she’s always up to toting something that makes them together not just an outfit, but a power couple lol.
What I can tell you is that….. SHE BAGS!!!

May I introduce you to Amy Robinson……


Name- Amy Robinson

Location- Atlanta, GA

There are plenty of women who don’t like handbags, of course you aren’t one of them; how important of an accessory is a handbag to you? and why? I love handbags. They are the perfect accessory to make any outfit pop. Biggest bonus is being able to carry around all my important items at the same time (phones, checkbook, wallet, many many lip glosses and lipsticks).

What handbag are you currently wearing? Today I have my red Halston Heritage bag…it’s HUGE!

What is your most preferred handbag style (shoulder, satchel, hobo, crossbody etc.) and why? I love satchels and shoulder bags come in for a close 2nd place. I have definitely become a handbag lady in my older age HA. They are just more comfortable for me (since I like large ones) and are prominent when you walk into a room.

Top 5 items you must carry in your handbag? Phones, checkbook, wallet, lip gloss/lipstick and eye lash brushes.

What handbag is currently on your wishlist? LOTS of bags HA. I would really like a nice grey leather satchel…brands don’t matter as much to me anymore. As long as it’s a great quality bag I am ok with trying out new designers.

Besides a nice handbag, what other accessory is a important piece to your attire? Shoes, it should also make an outfit pop.

How do you justify an expensive handbag purchase? I don’t buy them that often so I look at my purchases as an investment. They will last for years so they are well worth it!

What do you like most about the handbag you are wearing right now? It’s huge and red. I get lots of compliments on it.

Lastly, finish this sentence: If (name a designer) asked me to design a handbag, I’d definitely use the material ________! If Isabella Fiore asked me to design a handbag, I’d definitely use leather material with metal! She only does leather bags and I am sure they would pop with metal accents on them. Just a thought 🙂


In this pic above Amy, is rocking her Tory Burch satchel (it looks huge and necessary) LOL, love it!

*Just throw it in the bag* (curtain closing music chimes in). Another one checked off the list for banging and bagging LOL. Thank you Amy for sharing with us the type of bag lady you are.

Check back with me here @ Nailmattic to find out who I bag next for an interview.

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Metro Pollen Tin Sugar Rush

Hi all, we are almost to the work week finish line.

On my nails today is another China Glaze “City Flourish” collection polish, this yellow/mustard colored polish is called “Metro Pollen-Tin”. The formula was streaky with the first AND second coat :/. The third coat did an okay job covering all roads leading to opaque.

The overlay of glitter is from Milani called “Sugar Rim”. This polish reminded me of the floam glitter polish. I compare it to Salon Perfect’s top coat glitters.






NEW: L’Oréal Paris Color Riche Les Blancs nail polishes and topcoats

So Many Lovely Things

Peach Neglige, Lemon Meringue, Nouvelle Vague, Pistachio Drage (L-R) Peach Neglige, Lemon Meringue, Nouvelle Vague, Pistachio Drage (L-R)

L’Oréal has been at it again and is bringing very exciting Color Riche nail polishes to grace our talons for Spring/Summer 2014: Les Blancs and Topcoats. Now, that is something to really look forward to.

The Les Blancs collection is a very  pretty line of four pastel shades: the deliciously green Pistachio Drage, girly peachy-pink Peach Neglige, powdery lilac Nouvelle Vague and citrussy yellow Lemon Meringue. They are very delicate and almost white – with just a drop of colour; in fact similar base colours from last year’s SS collection, Neon Pop, but diluted to almost white (or, the other way round, dropped into white!)

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She Bags ~Pascha~

Hi everyone, my apologies for this day late post for my segment SHE BAGS, I was off yesterday. This young lady I present to you is one whom I have found to be virtually friendly and down to earth. I used virtually because I have been following her fashion blog for a while and during our correspondences, she has been very friendly and down to earth. You know how sometimes you comment on a person’s post and they reply kind of dry, well hers was just a breeze of cool air; more emphasis on the cool part. So without further ado, meet Pascha and read why SHE BAGS!!

photo (2)

Name- Pascha Shepard

Location- Atlanta Area, Georgia

There are plenty of women who don’t like handbags, of course you aren’t one of them; how important of an accessory is a handbag to you? Very Important. It is a stylish way to carry the days necessities. It is another way for a woman to express her style.

What handbag are you currently wearing? Louis Vuitton Speedy

What is your most preferred handbag style and why? Medium to large size bags; satchels and totes.

Top 5 items you must carry in your handbag? iPhone, wallet, makeup bag, clutch with necessities.


What is the next bag on your wish list? There is a cross-body bag at Henri Bendel I am eyeballing hard, hmmm just might cross it off my list.

Besides a nice handbag, what other accessory is a important piece to your attire? The watch.

How do you justify an expensive handbag purchase? I buy what I like. I like luxury bags, period!

What do you like most about the bag you’re carrying? I like that it’s roomy, classy and that is has a refined look. Moreover, Louis Vuitton handbags are classy and tend to last for many years.

Finish this sentence: If (designer) asked me to design a handbag, the material I’d use is…? If Louis Vuitton….. a soft, supple leather.


*Just throw it in the bag* (credit music chimes in). Who wouldn’t adore a nice supple leather handbag, I know I might just do a lil sumthin for a Klondike bar in exchange for one LOL. She just proves by buying what she likes that she doesn’t mind paying the cost to be the boss…. lady!! Thank you Pascha, you bagged this interview!!

In the meantime, check out her blog THE POSH BLOG here. Check back with me here at Nailmattic next week to find out who I bag next for an interview!!!

Transition to beauty- Lips

This is post is very rare…. I have two people that inspired me to branch out….  For many years I had a dislike for red lipstick…. Growing up, as a way to insult me,  kids would tell me that I have big bubba lips lol or whatever other name used as a attempt to be funny at my expense to describe my features. For years in growth I hated my lips, I truly hated it because both my parents have small lips lol so I don’t know what happened. However, as the years passed people of the opposite sex began to compliment me about the fullness of them but yet it still didn’t spark my attention to put lipstick on confidently. I was stuck on clear lip gloss. I have made several attempts to try it and I always ended up feeling like my lips looked even more huge…. I felt like I could be compared to Ronald McDonald lol. One day while watching the show Girlfriends and I saw Toni “Jill Marie Jones”, wearing red lipstick and I was completely sold that full lips deserved to wear red lipstick, it was almost an automatic wear lol.

For a while now I’ve been inspired by two people  to keep trying to find my right color….. one is my dear friend Amonee who runs her blog called –>  Chickenundermynails  she really rocks her red lipsticks and I have to tell y’all that if it’s anything she found; it’s her right shade. She is super confident to say the least! The other is a sweet young lady Rocquelle who runs her blog called Consider Me Lovely –> Consider Me Lovely. I don’t know her personally, but I have been following her blog for a long time. I posted one pic of me trying out this lipstick on FB and I got over 100 likes along with comments so it looks like i’ve finally chosen the shade that best compliments me. For the first time in years, I have become confident in wearing red lipstick. I am wearing a Matte Lipstick I got from Walgreens by Wet-n_Wild called Stoplight Red.