China Glaze “City Flourish” polish

Good morning polish people…

Today I’m going to be showing you some swatches of these China Glaze polishes from their recently released collection called “City Flourish”, I picked this up from Ulta last weekend; the promotion was 2 for $12. With that being said, don’t forget to use your #3.50 off coupon; it does save lives.

This polish is called ” Petal to the Metal” now there has been talk that the formulas for this collection is terrible but I loved the formula– at least for this polish; I had no problem with this polish whatsoever. The formula was just right in texture, it applied smoothly without any streaks on the first coat.




Now for the second polish I can’t say that I had the same thrill swatching it. I didn’t like the formula for this polish at all, reason being that it was very streaky. I feel like this formula was thick and took forever to dry between coats. I normally like this color for CG polishes but this one is swinging a miss, sorry CG I cannot lie! This one is called “Lotus Begin”.




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