Swatchful Sunday 2/9/14- OPI, Color Club, Sally Hansen

Good evening everyone, I know this is a late in the day post but late to me is 12:01 lol. So I have these swatches to show you of just some random polishes I picked out of my stash. Now, this is why I sometimes don’t like buying Color Club polishes from stores like TJMaxx, Bealls and etc. because they don’t always give me the correct polish name for the collection. The box that these polishes came in is called “Untamed”, but when I looked it up it didn’t look like the set online called the same. The other two polish were a flakie silver glitter and a clear top coat; I gave them away. I was exhausted and didn’t feel like doing more research but they are beautiful colors nonetheless.

The next set of swatches is from OPI’s recent release called “Brazil” Here are 2 coats without a top coat. These two are very similar to each other as well as to “Where Did Suzi’s Man-Go”.

The first pic is Live Love Carnaval
The second pic is of Toucan Do It If You Try

Lastly, here’s a textured polish Sugar Coat by Sally Hansen that I spotted in a stash at Big Lots, I paid a whopping $1 for it LOL.

Below will show you 2 coats of Bubble Plum.










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