My Mad Duo

Hello people how are you all doing this Sunday? I am wearing something pretty on my nails today and I figured I should put them on the blog, why let it go to waste because it’s the weekend; even though I don’t normally post on the weekends!

On my nails I am wearing a pretty color combination that is so summer/spring. I have seen this polish many times during my trips to the store Dollar General, I never thought about trying them after I had a bad experience with the polish L.A.Colors before. I pretty much liked to stay away from their formula.

With this polish I was quite surprised at how well the application/formula is. You have two choices with this polish and a lot of the creations that are for sale are pretty well matched together. This one I chose is a duo polish consisting of a coral color on one end with pink and gold glitters on the other end; it’s called Mad Duo.

The formula is very smooth, no signs of streaks and finishes opaque in just two coats. I did not apply a top coat for this mani.

Enjoy what little bit you have left of the weekend everyone :).






Roughles Sweetie Crush

Good morning polish peeps. If you haven’t noticed, we are one day closer to Friday (hey any kind of motivation helps :).

On my nails today I have two textured polishes recently released in stores. First, I’m wearing NOPI Roughles textured polish which has just released in stores , specifically Kmart. I spotted them last weekend after getting a tip from Jessica over at BE HAPPY BUY POLISH. I love the entire collection. Today I’m wearing “Rock the look”, it’s a pink strawberry smoothie looking formula (please don’t drink this polish lol). Its application is very smooth to me, I had no issue applying this polish. I’ve applied just two coats of it.

The second textured polish I’m wearing is another newly released polish by Rimmel London’s limited edition “Sweetie Crush” collection. There are 5 colors for this set & at Kmart they are priced for $2.29. This formula is a pink shimmery textured formula and is a easy apply. I’ve only applied 2 coats.

I present to you, my current situation…..







WnW Street Art “Deception” jelly mani

Good morning everyone, Happy Monday (as much as an oxymoron it sounds lol).

Today on my nails I’m wearing a polish from the Wet n Wild Street Art collection which is sold at Walgreens and Kmart (that I’ve seen). These are also on sale for .69 this week at Walgreens. At Kmart they’re .99.

This purple polish is a jelly formula polish and it’s called “Deception”. I’ve noticed that I don’t do many jelly manis, so I decided to make today a day for one.

I’m more of a creme formula chic for polishes but every now and then a cute jelly sandwich mani is needed for a change of scenery.

I’ve applied 3 coats of Deception, then another glitter polish by WNW called “Kaleidescope”. I then layered a thin coat of Deception on top. For this post I didn’t use a top coat to shine it up, you can if you like.

Do any of you like to wear jelly sandwich manis more than cremes?





Dupes, my bad- Neon Orange

Hi ladies, surprised to see me on a Sunday huh….me too!! I was sitting looking at my stash and started thinking about my next dupe post. I realized I have at least 4 dupes of neon orange polishes so I chose that color to swatch.

The first neon polish I have which I am wearing on my pinky is by Fingr’s and it’s called “RE-Orange My Closet”, on my ring finger is Color Club’s “Wham! Pow!”, middle finger is showing you China Glaze “Japanese Koi” and index finger shows you Cynthia Rowley “Neon Orange”. They are similar in color but not in formula. The Fingr’s, Color Club and China Glaze are consistent in smooth application, while the Cynthia Rowley is very, very streaky even with 3 coats.

I do see that the Fingr’s polish is slightly darker from the rest of the colors. All were applied with 3 coats without a top coat.








Textured Purple Ombré

Hi all, how goes it for your Thursday which equals to Friday Eve :). I have no plans this weekend, I forsee a relaxing tv which may include nail polish.

On my nails today is a ombré mani using different purple textured polishes. I thought to myself (because I was feeling a bit tired) what could I do that’s simple and fast, so this is what I came up with.

On my index finger is a lilac colored textured polish from Zoya’s Pixie Dust collection called “Stevie”. My middle figer is Sinful Color’s Crystal Crush “Purple Gleam”, ring figer is OPI’s “My Current Crush” and pink is Zoya Pixie Dust “Carter”.

I haven’t done an ombré mani in a good while so it’s a pretty refreshing change of look.

Now you can look too below :)….









“DUPES, my bad”-yellow

Good morning ladies, how are you on this rainy, dark Monday (or at least it is in Florida).

On my blog today is a new segment I’m starting called “Double Trouble”. I’ve seen several bloggers do a comparison post (The PolishAholic & Peachy Polish just to name two) & I find it to be a great idea. For one it’s good to know so that you can avoid dupes and for 2, you can buy this brand as a dupe if you aren’t able to get the original brand you wanted.

My choice for the comparison is yellow. Yellow looks good on me and I find myself pretending not to have the perfect yellow. I’ve chosen 5 yellows which do vary in color and application.

OPI- Need Sunglasses is a canary yellow which you will find opaque in 3 coats.

American Apparel- Sunshine State is also a canary yellow, it streaks on the first coat but is opaque in 3 coats.

Sinful Colors- Chick Chick is more of a mustard yellow.

Color Club- Almost Famous is a bright neon yellow in person. If layered on top of white it really pops.

*all polishes were applied with 3 coats and no top coat was used.







All White Affair Party

Last night I got a chance to go out with some friends, I don’t get to do that too often because I tend to be a homebody.

I like color-themed parties (providing that the color works in my favor). I normally don’t do all white parties for the fear of something spilling on me or things of that nature, but I digressed for this occasion.

Last night though, went very well, the music, food and drinks were good which made for the perfect party memory.

I went with a white Peplum top (seeming how fashionably it is carrying the swing currently), white skinny jeans and gold sling back heels.

My clutch is a white leather studded clutch by Rebecca Minkoff.