Forever 21- Speckled Pumpkin

Hi ladies, good afternoon. But for me being a bizzy bee at work, I would’ve been able to post my nails earlier.

I happen to be in the mall this weekend where I walsed from polish bowl to polish bowl in F21. That is where I found these 5 “indie looking” polishes for $2.80 a pop.

I’ll be wearing the 5 that I picked up all week. First up is a polish that reminds me of a Thanksgiving-themed polish with its red, green and gold glitter suspended in a orange base lacquer. At first it was a little thick during application but I decided to shake it up and it worked smoothly thereafter.

Here are 3 coats of Speckled Pumpkin.





9 thoughts on “Forever 21- Speckled Pumpkin

      1. Definitely! That’s the great thing about nail polish, there are so many inexpensive options that are just as great as something needlessly expensive!

      2. Yes, with some of these polishes out now suggesting a price of more than $5 for the same thing, it’s a win overall.

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