Textured Purple Ombré

Hi all, how goes it for your Thursday which equals to Friday Eve :). I have no plans this weekend, I forsee a relaxing tv which may include nail polish.

On my nails today is a ombré mani using different purple textured polishes. I thought to myself (because I was feeling a bit tired) what could I do that’s simple and fast, so this is what I came up with.

On my index finger is a lilac colored textured polish from Zoya’s Pixie Dust collection called “Stevie”. My middle figer is Sinful Color’s Crystal Crush “Purple Gleam”, ring figer is OPI’s “My Current Crush” and pink is Zoya Pixie Dust “Carter”.

I haven’t done an ombré mani in a good while so it’s a pretty refreshing change of look.

Now you can look too below :)….









11 thoughts on “Textured Purple Ombré

    1. Sinful colors can run with other brands, I haven’t applied a textured polish that isn’t similar to another one. For $2 Sinful Colors gives the others competition.

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