WnW Street Art “Deception” jelly mani

Good morning everyone, Happy Monday (as much as an oxymoron it sounds lol).

Today on my nails I’m wearing a polish from the Wet n Wild Street Art collection which is sold at Walgreens and Kmart (that I’ve seen). These are also on sale for .69 this week at Walgreens. At Kmart they’re .99.

This purple polish is a jelly formula polish and it’s called “Deception”. I’ve noticed that I don’t do many jelly manis, so I decided to make today a day for one.

I’m more of a creme formula chic for polishes but every now and then a cute jelly sandwich mani is needed for a change of scenery.

I’ve applied 3 coats of Deception, then another glitter polish by WNW called “Kaleidescope”. I then layered a thin coat of Deception on top. For this post I didn’t use a top coat to shine it up, you can if you like.

Do any of you like to wear jelly sandwich manis more than cremes?






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