Keylime Shine-Nanigans

Good morning everyone, how have you all been? I haven’t made a blog post in two days and it feels like forever! I hope I didn’t lose anyone, are ya still with me lol!

Today on my nails I’m wearing another polish from Bettina’s Spring collection called “Keylime”, it’s a little darker than lime green in my opinion. This is two coats without a top coat. Bettina’s polish is good for shining all on its own!

Speaking of shining, on my ring and pinky finger, I’m wearing a polish from China Glaze’s Surprise collection, this one is called “Shine-Nanigans”. This is a fun glitter polish that has lime green, purple and burgundy circle & octagon shaped glitter.

I’m loving the fact that I’ve been using my OPI glitter off on all my glitter designs.






Jellous of my jelly

Good morning, how do?

How am I doing? I’m doing the necessary to make it to Friday :), we are one step closer!! Today on my nails I’m wearing a polish from Sally Hansen’s Triple Shine Palm Beach Jellies collection. You can find these at CVS, Walgreens and I’ve seen them at Walmart for $4.57.

If you’re into jelly polishes then these will win you over. I’ve been a creme girl for so long I decided to branch out. I’ve got on “Jell-ous?”, it’s very very thin. You will see below I’ve applied 3 coats and look how sheer it is!

The glitter I’m using is by China Glaze from their 2014 Surprise collection, this one is called “I’m a Go Glitter”. I found this to be the perfect match for it with the jelly being a similar color to the burgundy glitter.






The Beauty Buffs: Yellow

The Beauty Buffs


Good morning & Happy Hump Day!


Today’s post brings to my blog, another post from The Beauty Buffs group post roundup! Yellow is the favorite child this time around and I just love wearing yellow (when I’m not wearing pink that is)!!


For something yellow I chose an untried polish from Bettina’s Spring Colors 2014 collection just recently released, this is 3 coats of what they call Sunkissed. 


Also I’m including in my post today a shot of one of my favorite yellow earrings, I call it my Lemon Drop earrings…


Please be a doll and check out the posts from the other beauty buffs rocking out with their favorite yellows today!!











MAC Nicki 2 Lipglass Dupe

Hi again!!

Really short post I’m about to do for a dupe lip glass I picked up over the weekend. I am almost out of my favorite lipgloss which is Nicki 2 from her collection with Mac. Since I don’t live close to a Mac store and didn’t feel like paying shipping for it I went browsing for a dupe to it.

Some people don’t mind using the next best thing well I’m one of them. I found this NYX Lip Butter gloss and it’s the exact same as the NM Lipglass. Most of all the huge difference in price. The MAC is over $10 while the NYX is under $5!! It’s called Peaches & Cream.

Check out the pics…





Mattify my coral with sprinkles

Good morning all and how was your Monday? My Monday wasn’t bad at all, I can say I had a productive day.

On my nails today consists of 2 untried polishes (I am on the road to success with my untried stash). The coral colored polish which is on my index and middle finger is called “Instyle Coral”, it is from Rimmel’s “Festival Colour” 2014 collection sold at Walgreens for $1.69. This is really pretty in person and is opaque in 3 coats for me. I love to wear this color in the spring and summer, as matter of fact I like to break fashion rules; I wear any color for any season. This is 3 coats w/o a top coat.

The glitter polish on my other two fingers is a polish I got from Rue 21– I swear every time I go there, some polishes manage to catch my eye and I have to have it. This line is called Candy Confetti and guess what…. it doesn’t have a cool name (womp womp). I know many of you have seen this glitter mix made by many other brands, but I happen to like this mix; it’s fun to me. For this polish I’ve applied 3 coats, the formula is average and friendly, it doesn’t streak.

Lastly, I’ve chosen to mattify this mani using OPI’s Matte top coat. I was curious to see if I would like it and that I did.
Which style do you prefer? Glossy or Matte for this look?







Fresh As A Daisy- Sally Girl

Hey everyone and happy Friday!!

This will be a short post, I wanted to show you a swatch of a polish from Sally Beauty. The product is called Sally Girl and they’re sold for .99, if you only knew how many times I’ve overlooked their polishes. This one is 3 coats w/I a top coat and it’s called “Fresh As A Daisy”! The formula is average, the first layer is thin, however the brush picks up the glitter in abundance–no complaints there! These are .99 so you can’t ask for or expect to much of a big deal.

Enjoy your weekend and be safe!!



Beaded and Textured Stucco On Me

Hi and Good Morning!! I’m feeling so good this morning and it’s not even pay week or Friday lol… Hope you all are in good spirits as well.

I’d like to share with you all what’s on my nails today which is two 3 untried polishes. I am wearing the last of the 4 NOPI Roughles polishes, this one is a lavender color and it’s called “I’m Stucco On You”. I tell you no lie when I say I adore this entire collection, I thought I loved the Sinful Colors Crystal Crush textured ones but these get much love from me!!

On my ring and pinky finger as the base color I am wearing a “no cool name” purple polish by Simply Sweet and as for the glitter layover I’m wearing a beaded nail polish I got from Urban Outfitters. The beaded polish is anything special, it reminds of floam. It’s pretty nonetheless and also reminds me of tinier sprinkles.

Have a fab day!!