Mount Royal Sprinkles

Good morning ladies, happy hump day.

Today on my nails I’m wearing 2 lovely lacquers for the first time. The base coat is the recently released OPI Glitter off base coat. I’ve been using Elmer’s glue in a old polish bottle and it has worked very well for me.

I bought this because I wanted to see for myself just how different it is. As my base polish I am wearing what I call a Royal Navy blue color by American Apparel, it’s called “Mount Royal”. Believe it or not this is only 1 coat. I was surprised myself to see how opaque it is with just a coat so I went with it. I bought this polish a while ago and it just caused me remember why I love AA polishes.

As the glitter layover I am wearing one of Hard Candy’s recently released Pop Art polishes “King of Pop”. This one reminds me of Sephora’s Formula X top coat effect polish “Demolition”.

*I plan to update this post later on tonight with pics so I can see how well the glue base coat works.








5 thoughts on “Mount Royal Sprinkles

  1. So is the OPI glue-ish stuff any good? Another blogger (Chalkboard Nails, I think) did a review and posted some photos where her polish just popped off, neat as you please, in the middle of the day, which is not quite what you want. I think it’d be great for bloggers who do a lot of swatches and don’t want to tear their nails up all the time with glitter polish, but like you said, if glue does just as good a job…

    1. I like it, What happened to Chalkboard nails didn’t happen to me thank goodness but I find that when you use a top coat; it doesn’t peel off as easily (at least for me).

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