Applelicious Awesome

Good morning folks…. my week has been so bleh, I’ve been fighting off a cold I am 100% sure I caught from my niece or nephew last weekend. I think i’m doing well in stopping it from getting worse, it goes to show that just because you take vitamins; it doesn’t mean you won’t get sick. I was determined not to wallow in bed (well maybe this weekend I will).

Today on my nails I am wearing another polish from the Rimmel London “Sweetie Crush” line, it is another collection of spring colored textured polishes. Today I am wearing a green apple colored polish called “Fizzy Applelicious”. The formula for these polishes apply really well, it’s not a thin or thick formula and is opaque in two coats.

On my accent nail I am wearing a glitter polish from NOPI called “Be awesome”, they are iridescent diamond shaped glitters; the brush actually picks up a lot of the glitters easily.

Enjoy your day people…..






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