Bluberry Fizz Heat

Hi all…. Happy hump day to you. I must tell you all that I am feeling so much better today. Got me some Mucinex on the way home yesterday as I planned on having a good nights sleep (that I did). I slept all the way till about 5:15. So glad not to have been coughing every 2 minutes, I believe I was experiencing a post nasal drip episode.

So a new day we have here and I have two new untried polishes on my nails today. The glitter creme polish on my index and middle finger is Island Girl polish called “Island Heat”. My friend from Vegas was in the store telling me about the polishes that she wanted to bring me and she was just like you’re gonna like this one. Come to find out I have 2 other like it by Island Girl. I adore the color combo and it does resemble an Easter color. I applied 3 coats of it no top coat.

On my ring & pinky finger I have another one of Rimmel’s Sweetie Crush polishes and this one is called Bluberry Fizz. Very easy apply formula like the other two I’ve posted from the collection. I love the shimmer from this texture.

Do any of you own either of these polishes? If so, how do you like it?







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