Stamping Saturdays #21

Good evening folks…. how well was your Saturday? I’m just gonna tell you straight out that I lazied around the house all day till about 2:00. I watches TV, the TV then watched me then I decided to go get some fresh out (or to a store where nail polish flows through the air lol).

Again, I made it my duty to join the girls for some stamping fun, I must say that I am getting the hang of it with my little cheapo kit, I did this on the first try after my base color dried. Speaking of base color, this color is “My Vampire is Buff” by OPI. The flower stamp is red is a polish by WnW Cosmetics called “Red Red”.


Don’t X out the screen just yet…. go visit the homes of the other ladies getting their stamp on today :).


Lost Nail Files- Sinful Colors Sally Hansen

What’s up people, hump day on the move today. Every time I look at the clock I keep wondering where my day is going; it’s a good thing.

I wanted to post these pics of manicures from last week that slipped my mind to post, I’m not getting old I think I need a new phone lol.

This is a jelly mani I tried to create but this tinsel glitter is not the best for it. This is Sally Hansen jelly polish “Vitamin-D” with Sinful Colors “Cold As Ice”. The jelly polish took forever to dry. This is 3 coats




Stamping Saturdays-#20




photo 1 (7)photo 2 (7)photo 3 (6)photo 4 (4)

Hey everyone, how goes it for you on this hot Saturday afternoon? I don’t know about the temp where you all are, but here in Florida I am pretty sure that the temp outside could easily chef up a nice scrambled egg dish on the hood on my car; LOL.

So today I bring something new to my blog, I have seen the lovely Cynthia over at ‘Of Life and Lacquer’  here do a Stamping Saturdays post for a good while now (which I drool over btw). So I dug in my crates of misc polish items and fired up an old stamping kit I got from Walmart eons ago. It’s no big name but it did better than the Fingr’s stamping kit that I also have. One thing that I’ve noticed about these stamping kits is that a lot of times, the plates won’t work with the different brands. I also notice how narrow the designs are on my plate. I really need to practice more on my stamping skills…. in the case today I think this came out better than I expected so I wait for my nails to dry then pat myself on the back LOL.

The polish I used for this is Bettina “Marshmallow” and WnW “Coast 2 Coast”.

Check out the other ladies, getting their stamp on….

Stamping Saturdays #20


Milani Lipstick- 16 Flirty Fuschia

Hello everyone, happy hump day to yas!! We are another day closer to Friday, keep on moving don’t stop *Karen Wheeler voice*.

On my lips today I’m wearing a lipstick that caught my eye while in CVS the same day I picked up the lip butter by NYX. I wanted a nice Fuschia lipstick but I didn’t want it to be bright, lo and behold I spy this lipstick called Flirty Fuschia #16 by Milani for 5.79. I had a 15% off coupon so I put it to good use.

I love the shade of this lipstick, in some instances it looks red while in others it looks it’s intended colors. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it gets on everything!! On my fingers, cup, straw ugh!!!! But I do love the color of it.






NYX Lip Butter- Strawberry Parfait

Hiya and Happy Tuesday. Are you all looking forward to a 3 day weekend as badly as I am? I plan on relaxing and more relaxation my 3 days off.

So today I’d like to show another NYX lip butter gloss I picked up from CVS. I did a review on another color called Peaches N Cream a few weeks ago which I found to be a good dupe to Nicki Minaj’s Lipglass with MAC. This one I find could be another dupe to it as well, however it’s a lot more sheer than the previous one I purchased. Nonetheless I love it, I find that it fit my skin tone.

What’s your favorite color and brand lip gloss? Also, how many of you like TOO FACED’s lip stain, I thinking that might be my next purchase.







Tropical Pop- Orly “Baked”

OMG!! I’m in love with this polish. This polish is called Tropical Pop and it’s from Orly’s latest collection called “Baked”.

I’ve already gotten so many compliments at work on them as they’re so bright. This is 3 coats of it with just a thin layer of top coat. I did not use a white base to brighten the appearance either.

Polish says to the sun: “Yes, be jealous”!!