NYX Lip Butter- Strawberry Parfait

Hiya and Happy Tuesday. Are you all looking forward to a 3 day weekend as badly as I am? I plan on relaxing and more relaxation my 3 days off.

So today I’d like to show another NYX lip butter gloss I picked up from CVS. I did a review on another color called Peaches N Cream a few weeks ago which I found to be a good dupe to Nicki Minaj’s Lipglass with MAC. This one I find could be another dupe to it as well, however it’s a lot more sheer than the previous one I purchased. Nonetheless I love it, I find that it fit my skin tone.

What’s your favorite color and brand lip gloss? Also, how many of you like TOO FACED’s lip stain, I thinking that might be my next purchase.







2 thoughts on “NYX Lip Butter- Strawberry Parfait

  1. Ohhhh this looks beautiful on you. The NYX Lip Butters are a great formula. My favorite lip gloss is by YSL. I have yet to try a Too Faced lip stain; I’m funny about the lip stains. I look forward to your post on that. xx

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