Stamping Saturdays-#20




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Hey everyone, how goes it for you on this hot Saturday afternoon? I don’t know about the temp where you all are, but here in Florida I am pretty sure that the temp outside could easily chef up a nice scrambled egg dish on the hood on my car; LOL.

So today I bring something new to my blog, I have seen the lovely Cynthia over at ‘Of Life and Lacquer’  here do a Stamping Saturdays post for a good while now (which I drool over btw). So I dug in my crates of misc polish items and fired up an old stamping kit I got from Walmart eons ago. It’s no big name but it did better than the Fingr’s stamping kit that I also have. One thing that I’ve noticed about these stamping kits is that a lot of times, the plates won’t work with the different brands. I also notice how narrow the designs are on my plate. I really need to practice more on my stamping skills…. in the case today I think this came out better than I expected so I wait for my nails to dry then pat myself on the back LOL.

The polish I used for this is Bettina “Marshmallow” and WnW “Coast 2 Coast”.

Check out the other ladies, getting their stamp on….

Stamping Saturdays #20



11 thoughts on “Stamping Saturdays-#20

  1. Yay! I’m so glad that you joined in. I always love seeing other people’s stamping designs. I have never had much luck with these sets. I remember when I tried that Salon Express set and I couldn’t get it to work at all. Since my nails are so curved, I need extra wide designs.

  2. Loving the colour combo. Most of my plates are from Born Pretty Store and they work well, though not all polishes work for stamping. Unfortunately Konad designs are too small for my nails and I haven’t tried any other kits as such.

    1. Really, omg thanks for telling me about Konad plate size, I’m doing to do my research really well before I buy it. Idk who they base the size of plate designs by, kids? Lol

      1. As for Born Pretty plates, I prefer the ones numbers QA… , since those seem to work best and I am pleased with the sizes on them. Although I still need to stamp several times for my thumb or if I have really long nails :P. I’ve also heard good words about Moyou London, my order hasn’t arrived yet from them though.

      2. No, unfortunately with plates the brands I’ve tried are pretty scarce. It was hard to get things to Estonia within reasonable price and time and as for now, while I’m studying in UK I have to keep an eye on how much I spend :P.

      3. Some konad plates are small for my wide nails. The widest images I have ever tried are from the MoYou London plates. I have had great luck with Bundle Monster (new generation) and I love MASH. The only ones I can say I dislike are Cheeky plates.

  3. Yay! I’m so happy you joined us. I love the color combo you went with. That blue is stunning! Hope to see you next Saturday!

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