Saturday Stampings #22

Hi everyone, welcome to another Saturday of stamping. If my nails look different to you it is because I let a friend who’s going to school use my hands for practice. It was only $5 so why not, they don’t look hideous; but she is still practicing.

So on my nails today I’m wearing a polish I got today in a nail swap. I didn’t own any Orly Color Blast polishes until today. This one is a neon yellow called Tennis Ball Neon”. I should’ve done a solo swatch but forgot to, this is the season for neon so I’ll be wearing it again not to worry.

As for the stamping, well you can see that my nails are just too broad for the entire image, I tried to double stamp in order for it to look decent…..



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3 thoughts on “Saturday Stampings #22

  1. Taxi cabs is what I’m thinking right now! I just bought one of those tiny orly polishes. They’re kind of strange and tiny but the polish was nice.

  2. As a tennis player, I can vouch for the color of that polish. Also as a NYC dweller, I can vouch for the taxi cab look as Cynthia calls it. Great combo! Thanks for joining us!

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