Coca Cola Kisses

Hey everyone and happy Friday, I’ve had a long week even with a day off on Wednesday, how has your week been?

I’m so happy it’s Friday you just don’t know. I’ve been waking up at midnight for no good reason, the good thing is I go back to sleep quickly without tossing or turning. On my nails today I have some nail stickers I got from Beall’s Outlet a few months back from the clearance aisle. The original price on these were marked as 3.99 but it was marked $1.99 then I got 30%off with my discount card woo hoo right!!

I like these because they are made on a sheet instead of the single stickers like the Sally Hansen salon effects, those tend to dry out once you open the packet.

The red polish I’m wearing is from the OPI Coca Cola collection, it’s called Coca Cola Red.

Have a great weekend!!






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