Citric Acid-OOTD 7/12/14

Wakey Wakey…. I should’ve posted it yesterday but we were so busy enjoying our day (we as in Mr. Nailmattic and I). Now that I have my personal photographer with me 24,7, I’ll be posting more OOTD from wherever we venture out to.

Applebees was our destination and I wasn’t in the mood to get all fancy shmancy. I threw on a pair of Acid Wash jeans I got from Forever 21 and a top I got my TJMaxx (name never heard of). My MCM pouch isn’t shown but that’s what I toted…

When we were driving, I just had a “photopiphany” as we were going over the railroad tracks and pulled over to take this pic lol.

On feet is a pair of Nike Air Max 1 “Citrus”.





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