Cool things I’ve seen this month

Here are some cool things I spotted this month, can’t wait to see more coolness next month…






Cream & White Matte Nails

Do you like white or cream nail polish? Ok what about the same color polish, but with a matted finish? If so, these two may be your type. On the left is the LE Wet n’ Wild “LAC-My Mani” Matte finish polish in stores now and on the right is a white matte finish polish by Bettina Cosmetics.

The next red matte polish is from the same LE Wet N Wild collection it’s called “Rouge 66”. I don’t think the finish is matte enough for me, I applied a matte top coat by OPI.

Which one do you prefer?





Mineral Fusion- Coral Cove Ulta

Hi everyone, how was your weekend? My weekend was pretty much a big boring 2 days, but I was grateful not to be working.

The polish I’m wearing today is a polish I’ve been overlooking for a while at Ulta. So I finally gave in and gave it a try. This polish is called Mineral Fusion & they’re $7.99, the formula is excellent as well as the drying time. This is 3 coats w/o a top coat.

Check out Coral Cove



I Apple Red

Good mornting!!

So I was off yesterday, my son had his first day of school starting as a 6th grader, he came out with good news of it being a good day :))

During the day Mr. Nailmattic and I went to this outdoor Flea Market in Webster, Florida which is only open on Mondays. Browsing the aisles I spotted a table with no name polishes but the bottle shape is CU-YUTE, reminds me of the Apple sign opposite direction!!

This is a nice a and classy Red which opaque in just 2 coats. They were only $1, I think I saw these in Born Pretty Store but don’t quote me!





Eggplant Disturbia

“Bom Bom Bee Dom Bom Bom”…. That my friends is suppose to be sung in the tune of Rihanna’s song “Disturbia” lol don’t mind me I’m just happy it’s a day closer to Friday…

On my nails today is 3 coats of Wet N Wild cosmetics nail polish Disturbia. This is a deep purple or eggplant color. I’m not one for dark colors but this one just struck a good cord with me 🙂




Capacity to be mad about Mod

Hi, how do? How is your Saturday going? Since it’s tax free weekend, the Mr., the kids and I headed out to catch the school clothes/supplies deals (of course Walmart had the best). Luckily for me, my son wears uniform that can be bought at Walmart or Target and also that his school supply list only required 8 things.

So today on my nails I am wearing 2 new polishes again. The base color I am wearing is from the Giver limited edition by China Glaze. I’m not even going to lie to you all, I have no interest in the movie; I just wanted this color :). This color is a vibrant turquoise color named “Capacity to See Beyond”. At first the formula was very thick and difficult to apply without streaks, but I put polish thinner in it and let it sit for a day and it was much easier to work with today.

The Salon Perfect polish is called “Mad About Mod” and I just love the color combo, this formula was a lot more workable than the “flower power” glitter I posted about. The brush picked up the glitters a lot better this go round, however I don’t like how the formula develops bubbles when you apply more than one coat :/

Anyhoo, enjoy the rest of your weekend 🙂

DSC_0022 DSC_0025DSC_0027DSC_0024