New Wet N Wild Wild Shine Swatch 2014 part 1

*Purchased Myself*

Hiya!! It’s Wednesday and I am glad yesterday is over, not because of all the voting and traffic but because I had so much running around after I voted. I hope you all voted and made your voice count!

What I have to share with you all are some swatches of the newly released Wet N Wild Wild Shine polishes. I read about this release on Nouveau Cheap’s blog  a few weeks back but it stated that they would be a 2015 release. Anyhoo, the Mr. and I was browsing Dollar General buying some wipes to take to my nephew and BOOM! BAM! POW! I spotted this collection. Now there are tons of new lipstick and eye liner shades as well but you know I only had eyes for the polishes at that specific moment. These are $1.

I was able to identify at least 10 new shades and I grabbed those up and here we are. These were applied in 3 coats without a top coat.

Look what I picked up…..

This is a creme formula Grasping at strawberries




This is a creme formula called Grape Minds Think Alike



This is creme formula, She Sells 



This is a creally formula Nuclear War




Lastly, this creme formula polish is called Yo Soy



If you follow me on IG, you would have seen the video I posted showing you all how the brush looks. It kinda reminds me of a stylus, it takes some getting used to. The bottle shape is a little tricky for hand pose position but I like the new bottle shape, change is good!



7 thoughts on “New Wet N Wild Wild Shine Swatch 2014 part 1

  1. Whoa. I was just googling about Wild Shine bottle changes.. it had to happen at SOME point! So glad I found this. I wonder why they’re not at my local CVS or Rite-Aid?! Or on anyone of my online shops… Grrr!!

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