Dupes in a blue moon

Good Morning *good shower voice*, how are you all today? I’m so glad it’s another day closer to the weekend and the holidays (ready for the holidays to be over but never the weekends) lol.

Today I’d like to show you two dupes that I have in my collection. Now I bought this Ruby Kisses “Aruba Blue” about two weeks ago, I JUST got this other lippie called “Avatar” by Magnolia Makeup in the mail from their Black Friday since they had a 50% off. On their site the blue looked a little different but I took a chance.

Ruby Kisses is $2.99
Magnolia Makeup $15

As it turns out, they’re exactly alike! Take a look….

The thing is with these is that the MM one is a matte finish while the Ruby kisses is a glossy finish but turns into a matte look after a few hours.




I’m proud of myself for trying new colors but this is a color I’d only wear on a date night or other nonchalant outing… too loud for my job.


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