Jordana Modern Matte Lipstick Matte Dare

Good mernting errbody!! How was your weekend? It went by fast right!! Well I didn’t have the luxury of having a 4 day weekend, but I managed to work a half day on Friday. I spent the weekend just hanging out with my son and Mr. Nailmattic :).

So in 2 days it will be by birthday and I’m looking forward to our road trip to Atlanta, happy for the get away to a different scene and seeing my family. It is a 6 hour drive but at least I have company to help me drive and keep things interesting.

Look what I have to show you all, it’s this matte lipstick that I purchased from Kmart for $2.49. This is by Jordana, I have many of their polishes and eye products and I happen to love their formula; so I said why not try some of their other products.

This one is called Matte Dare, it is a creamy matte in my opinion, I love this color it is like a wine-vamp color. What do you think of it?





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