Matte Fruit

Hey hey hey! What’s going on people!! Have any of you been experiencing bad sinus headaches? I have and it ain’t even Spring yet so what is the deal Mother Nature? People don’t believe me when I tell them I experience it all year round, I live in Florida what can I say!!

Today my nails features two polishes by LA Colors. The base color is Mademoiselle from the Gel like shine collection. It’s a rosey-mauve color, if you follow me on IG I posted a swatch of it the other day. The glitter overlay is also by LA Colors and it’s a fun hot pink and lime circle glitters. I used Essie’s matte top coat over the glitter. I love how it look encapsulated.




Dupes my bad OPI vs Sinful Colors

Hey y’all, it’s Monday (I know right, already)! So I’ve been meaning to post this. I just got the SC polish Flower Power and I knew it reminded me of another pink lacquer-glitter formula.

Sinful Colors “Flower Power” & OPI “The Power of Pink” (from the Breast Cancer Awareness duo of 2014) is the same formula…. This is 3 coats of both, no top coat. I actually find that the SC one applies thicker than OPI.

What do you think, dupe or nope?




LA Colors Gel Like Shine polish swatches

HAPPY FRIDAY!! My coworkers tell me since I was off Monday then I don’t have the right to say TGIF, but you know what I say back to them right LOL!!

Do any of you shop at Family Dollar (providing your location has one)? It’s just like Dollar General and Dollar Tree, some of their prices beats Walmart. So my girls from the Facebook nail polish group I’m in posted a pic of this polish display and I just had to see if my nearest store has them (they did, why else would we be here lol). These have been announced to be gel like polishes without the use of UV light to dry. I bought 6 colors that really pops!!

The formula applies smoothly, no stinky chemical smell and they opaque in two coats, just perfect right!! These were swatched without a topcoat, these polishes remind me Sinful Colors Sinful Shine polishes.

Check out the colors I bought…

This one is a pink crelly formula called Untamed


This fabulous purple creme formula one is called risqué 




This creme coral color is called Socialite



This creme mint green color is called Rockin It


This hot pink creme formula polish is called Posh


This creme formula pink color polish is called Stunner



Antique Gold

Hey everyone, I cannot apologize enough for not posting all week, I was off Monday and it threw off all my plans (and memory). You all mean the world to me so don’t think otherwise :).

Jumping right into the meat of my post, last week I stopped by my Bettina retailer who called me last week telling me she got in new polishes. Isabel who works for Bettina lets me know often of Bettina’s latest polishes, I know that these polishes are available in Puerto Rico already.

This gold matte polish is called Antique Gold and the formula is amazing. It dries to a matte finish, once you’re done with the first coat on the last nail you’re ready for another.

Check it out and the other colors I picked up (swatches to show later).





Polish Spotting in my Kmart

Hey peeps, I’m just here enjoying my 3 day weekend and whatnot…. So I had time to kill and I decided to prance into Kmart… Here’s what I spotted, some new collections from Sinful Colors, Bonita Colors and Rita Ora for Rimmel London, check it out… You can probably find these in your Walgreens soon too…






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Egyptian Goddess

Omg y’all as I write this post I am overwhelmed with joy!! Why? I’ll tell you why…. Someone loves me here at Nailmattic, as minuscule as it might seem since the year started; the likes on my page has jumped tremendously! Before the new year I was stuck at 600, now I’m over 1300!! I am overwhelmed with the feeling of happiness that my page reaches its viewers! As a blogger these are the things that make writing and taking pictures to post worthwhile. I want to thank you all for the love because I love you all back! I don’t

I don’t know who is promoting my page more than me but i’d love to give them a big hug!! I didn’t know in what direction my blog was going this year because I felt like the attention was waning, but with over 500 blog subscribers on my wordpress blog alone, I know that someone is interested in what I have to say!!

OAN, feast your eyes on this orange polish I picked up by Kiara Sky last weekend for $3 at my local nail supply. I have a few of her glitters so I wanted to try her creme polishes, creamy indeed they are the cremsnick!!

This here is 3 coats and no topcoat, the formula is easy to apply and does not streak, dries shiny and within 5 minutes.