Egyptian Goddess

Omg y’all as I write this post I am overwhelmed with joy!! Why? I’ll tell you why…. Someone loves me here at Nailmattic, as minuscule as it might seem since the year started; the likes on my page has jumped tremendously! Before the new year I was stuck at 600, now I’m over 1300!! I am overwhelmed with the feeling of happiness that my page reaches its viewers! As a blogger these are the things that make writing and taking pictures to post worthwhile. I want to thank you all for the love because I love you all back! I don’t

I don’t know who is promoting my page more than me but i’d love to give them a big hug!! I didn’t know in what direction my blog was going this year because I felt like the attention was waning, but with over 500 blog subscribers on my wordpress blog alone, I know that someone is interested in what I have to say!!

OAN, feast your eyes on this orange polish I picked up by Kiara Sky last weekend for $3 at my local nail supply. I have a few of her glitters so I wanted to try her creme polishes, creamy indeed they are the cremsnick!!

This here is 3 coats and no topcoat, the formula is easy to apply and does not streak, dries shiny and within 5 minutes.






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