E.L.F Matte Lip Color Rich Red

Hey everyone TGIF… Now you know those initials can mean so many things (ie thank god it’s Friday, thank God I’m Fresh, thank God I’m Fabulous, thank God I’m frugal), ok so this post will pertain to #3 :)))

I’d like to show you a matte lipstick on a lipstick pen that I got from TJMAXX last week. I don’t normally buy E.L.F Lippies but the girls in my makeup FB group rave about them. So you know I’m all over red lippies right and I love a matte one so I got to kill two lips with one lippie lol.

This is Rich Red, it applies smootly and I only went around my lips and rubbed them together twice.

So how about that, I just might be a fan of E.LF lippies after all!

Do you own any lippies from E.LF?




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