Milani Coral Cove & Rimmel Velvet Lips

Good morning all…. It’s Friday the 13th oooooooooh and pre-Valentine’s Day (who worked that one up lol).

Do any of you have big plans for tomorrow? I called my dad yesterday to ask what he was going to do for my mom and he played it off like oh we’ve been through too many valentines days to be worried about any of them!! But I know he has something in store they’ve been married for 40 something years now. He then mentioned that they’re going to a Valentine’s Day party tomorrow night so there you have it he does have something planned!

So today I would like to show you all the new blush that I picked up by Milani cosmetics. I always wanted to try a coral blush to see how it would look on me and they happen to have a buy one get one half off at Walgreens last weekend. I really didn’t want to use it because of the design embedded in the powder how it is pressed into a rose it is so cute. It brushes on like a pink more than a coral but you know coral is often thought of as pink or orange. This is Coral Cove- my look for today.

I also will show you a picture of what I looked like yesterday when I wore Rimmel London’s Showoff Velvet lips matte lippie “Meteoric Matte”.





Be on the lookout for my all Valentine’s Day everything post tomorrow 🙂

2 thoughts on “Milani Coral Cove & Rimmel Velvet Lips

  1. These are such lovely colors! This is a particularly exciting post for me because I have about the same complexion as you, and have always tended to stay away from peaches and corals thinking my skin tone is too dark to wear them. This is a game changer, and I think it calls for some shopping. 😃 Until now I’ve reserved the bright colors I love so much strictly for nail polish. Thanks for sharing!

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