NYX Dark Circle Corrector Concealer

Good morning beauties… 

Today I want to show you a new product I decided to try (Try It Tuesday). I have seen this product in CVS & Ulta a lot but finally I broke down & bought it. This product has the objective to conceal dark circles under your eyes. I don’t think I have it that bad but I notice it so that’s all that matters right!! 

You should not have to use a ton of it for it to show a difference, I used a very minimal amount. I did my foundation except for my eyes area and then used my blender sponge to blend in the dark circle concealer. My boyfriend did notice a difference between when I use foundation under my eyes and this cream. I think it is a good investment. There are 3 different colors you can buy, I chose the darkest of the 3; can’t remember the price but it’s inexpensive.

Do you see a difference?




Sunday Funday

Hey beauties… I know this is not beauty related (but it is a beautiful sight)… This sums up my Sunday, I made cupcakes for the little people in my life (son, niece and nephew). 

I have been telling them for weeks that I’d make them some strawberry cupcakes and that I did (thumbs up emoji).  



Too Faced Cat Eyes Purrfection pallette 

Hey beauties, happy hump day!! I know I’m off to a slow start with posting this week but I manage to jump start my mojo today. The Mr has landed a new and exciting job which he started on Monday so we’ve been busy managing our time, we now work the same hours M-F (yippee)!!

So let me show you all this little goody box I purchased from Ulta on Monday. I don’t own any Too Faced products, this caught my eye as it was displayed right by the door (they know what they’re up to lol). It is $35 plus you get a free gift. 

You can see from the pics the eyeshadows are namedcat-affiliated. I love the leopard print brush and the color scheme of the eyeshadows. As a gift you get a Better Than Sex mascara, another eye primer cream and a black eye pencil. 

Do you own this product? If so, how do you rate it?



Cinnamon Friday 

Beauties, guess what day it is (camel voice)! Yep Friday!! I’m so glad to see this day, I’ve been waking up 3 hours earlier than my alarm every day this week; HATED IT!! Now I don’t mind waking up early on the weekend cause I know I’ll be able to go back to sleep (nap).

So anyway let me show y’all this blush that I’m wearing today by NYX. It’s a powder blush called Cinnamon but looks more orange to me. Cinnamon the cooking powder looks more brown don’t you think? I got this some time ago from CVS using one of my many coupons they send me (I know now I’m being set up when I get them lol).

So yeah, this is Cinnamon, a different path than my normal rose or mauve color blushes that I wear as the normal makeup routine. I didn’t put on a lot of it but I’m sure you can still see it.

Jordana Matte Lipsticks 

Hey beauties!

Today is like to share with you two lipstick swatches from my stash… These two can be found in your Kmart and they’re priced at an affordable $1.99. 

They claim to be matte lipsticks but I feel that they’re more of a creamy matte you know ones that will eventually matte throughout the day. Do not buy these with the impression that once you apply them you’ll get instant matte lip color cause they’re not.

This is is Terra Cotta (L) and Eggplant (R)

Opi Glitter Off vs NYC Strip me off review

Hey people! How is the last of your weekend going? I just came in from a nice family lunch at this Jamaican restaurant called Reggae Shack Cafe in Gainesville, FL; it’s 45 minutes away from where I live.

But first… I want to tell you all about the difference (or lack of difference) between these two peel off glitter base polishes. 

The difference I saw were in 3 ways, price, brush style and drying time. The OPI bottle is about $10-15 (I got it for $6 at nail’d supply) and NYC is $1.87 (BIG difference). The brush style is different. On my first two fingers is the OPI and next two is the NYC, I feel that the OPI dries faster than the NYC formula. I didn’t use a top coat, using a orange stick the glitter polish came off fast and easy.

Check out the pics