Purple Madness

Happy Hump Day y’all, how is your week going? Surprisingly enough, my week is coming along quickly to FRIDAY and guess who’s not complaining (points to self)!!

If you must know YES I’m still on a serious mission to find the perfect lippie, I did find it in a Jeffree Star Lippie called I’m Royal but it’s been well sought after and is to no avail to me (sad face).

So I wanted to show you all the current purple lippies running things in my stash. I don’t know what I’m gonna tell them when I finally grab my Grail purple lippie.

Here’s a group pic of these bad girls…

This is Milani “Matte Glam”

This is NYX “Immortal”

This is J Cat Beauty Pout-holic “#Love”

This is NYX Butter Gloss “Raspberry Tart”

This is LA Splash Smitten Liptint “Bellatrix”.

Lastly, this is Ruby Kisses Lip Lacquer “Blue Ignite”

Now that you’ve witnessed my purple madness, which shade do you favor?


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