Opi Glitter Off vs NYC Strip me off review

Hey people! How is the last of your weekend going? I just came in from a nice family lunch at this Jamaican restaurant called Reggae Shack Cafe in Gainesville, FL; it’s 45 minutes away from where I live.

But first… I want to tell you all about the difference (or lack of difference) between these two peel off glitter base polishes. 

The difference I saw were in 3 ways, price, brush style and drying time. The OPI bottle is about $10-15 (I got it for $6 at nail’d supply) and NYC is $1.87 (BIG difference). The brush style is different. On my first two fingers is the OPI and next two is the NYC, I feel that the OPI dries faster than the NYC formula. I didn’t use a top coat, using a orange stick the glitter polish came off fast and easy.

Check out the pics

2 thoughts on “Opi Glitter Off vs NYC Strip me off review

  1. First of all it’s such a shame you had to sacrifice those pink nails for this post! This is the first time I’ve seen a peel off polish, what’s their durability like?

    1. LOL I know right! After I finished doing them I said dag I like this look too. I believe your nails would last for 5 days like these, just don’t use the washable glue.

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