Jordana Matte Lipsticks 

Hey beauties!

Today is like to share with you two lipstick swatches from my stash… These two can be found in your Kmart and they’re priced at an affordable $1.99. 

They claim to be matte lipsticks but I feel that they’re more of a creamy matte you know ones that will eventually matte throughout the day. Do not buy these with the impression that once you apply them you’ll get instant matte lip color cause they’re not.

This is is Terra Cotta (L) and Eggplant (R)

2 thoughts on “Jordana Matte Lipsticks 

  1. Wow such a good deal! I really love a matte finish on lipsticks recently – I adore the look of the eggplant lipstick! Emma xx
    (P.S – I’m giving away two MAC Cinderella lipsticks on my blog!)

  2. I am dying to try Jordana!! I keep seeing such great reviews! But I don’t know whether I can get it in uk!! Love the deep purple swatch! Great post! Xoxo

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