Cinnamon Friday 

Beauties, guess what day it is (camel voice)! Yep Friday!! I’m so glad to see this day, I’ve been waking up 3 hours earlier than my alarm every day this week; HATED IT!! Now I don’t mind waking up early on the weekend cause I know I’ll be able to go back to sleep (nap).

So anyway let me show y’all this blush that I’m wearing today by NYX. It’s a powder blush called Cinnamon but looks more orange to me. Cinnamon the cooking powder looks more brown don’t you think? I got this some time ago from CVS using one of my many coupons they send me (I know now I’m being set up when I get them lol).

So yeah, this is Cinnamon, a different path than my normal rose or mauve color blushes that I wear as the normal makeup routine. I didn’t put on a lot of it but I’m sure you can still see it.

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