Bettina Intact Color Lipstick 

Hi Beauties!!

Now I know you all have seen the tons of Bettina polishes that I’ve posted many times; this time I decided to try their other beauty products (they have mascara, foundation, liners, eyeshadows and etc too). In Orlando there are quite a few Walgreens that carry the brand so while I was there last weeknd I picked up two of their matte lipsticks. You can purchase them for $4.29. Here are the two I purchased:

This is a orange-red color called Fascination. In person it looks more orange than red, I’ll probably be using a brown or darker colored liner.   

This is a fuchsia matte lipstick called Daring, I’ll probably use a wine or plum colored liner with this one also. Because my lips are so thick I don’t like colors that draw too much attention to them. 

You can check out all the products available to this brand also at 

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