Ulta Matte Lip Cream Swatches

Happy Friday beauties, it’s time for the freaking weekend!!!

Jumping right into the deets of this post, I picked these 4 lippies up from said store in the title–ULTA!!

I was holding off getting these for a while because I saw reviews of them and didn’t know if I’d like them. I got 2 free since I bought two, I believe they retail $9.

Here is Artistic (applied patchy this is 3 layers).


Here is Striking (applied patchy this is 2 layers)

Here is Passionate  

Here is Allusive 👍🏾

It’s Friday so I’m giving you a short review. Here are my thoughts because I did wear one for the majority of the day yesterday.


  • Affordable ($9)
  • Variety of colors
  • Smell is tolerable
  • Doesn’t have a drying matte feeling, it’s comfortable
  • Lasts about 5 to 6 hours
  • Removes easily (at least with Aquaphor)
  • Doesn’t stain


  • Isn’t a dried matte finish more like a creamy matte finish.
  • Pink formulas apply patchy
  • Takes 10 minutes or more to dry to a non shiny matte finish.
  • Starts fading in the middle of your lips horribly, it bunches up and looks like your lips are chapped.

In my opinion when shopping for liquid lipsticks, keep in mind that lip creams won’t always dry to a matte dried finish–if that makes sense. With the Milani Amore matte lip creams they did dry down to a dried hard

matte finish.

My favorite color of this bunch is the purple-vamp color (Allusive).

Have you tried these lippies? If so how do you rate them?

Thanks for reading, have a great weekend and don’t forget to stay virtually connected with me 💋…… 


Fall Femme Couture

Hi beauties, happy humping to you all today lol. 

Today’s look is being presented to you by a matte lippie from Femme Couture, sold at Sally’s Beauty Supply and Colourpop (yes again). I wanted to start getting into some fall beauty looks so I decided to use an eyeshadow I recently purchased from Colourpop. This is a dark purplish-burgundy matte eyeshadow called “Central Perk“. It retails for $5. I love Colourpop eyeshadows I’m here for each and every one of its creamy feeling.  


This lippie I got when they had a B2G1F deal. This is a nude matte lippie called Classic Caramel, even though you can’t tell but I am also wearing a NK brown lip liner.

I don’t normally follow beauty rules of wearing seasonal colors, but if you’re going to do it; do it your way right!!

What are your favorite fall colors?
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My lipstick is Colourpoppin

Hey beauties (smacks lips) lol what’s up? You remember when Lil Mama came out with that song “My lipgloss is poppin”? I got a mixtape from downtown BK once and it was the last song on it. I thank all the blue skies above that it was cause, to me it sounded like it was already in the Kidz Bop version lol. 

This is my little Colourpop haul from last week, getting some lip swatch service in for y’all check it out……

I picked up one Ultra Matte lipstick this time in the name of “Guess”. It was a little patchy with one layer so I dropped another one on em. 

Next are some matte finish lippie stix. Here is Nevermind (which looks a lot like the above Guess right)! 

Coincidentally this color is also a good dupe to Wet N Wild’s “Vamp it Up”($1.99).  

This is Grundge  

This is Blood 

Lastly, this is Bossy (chime inKelis where you at). 

Phew! Y’all I don’t know how people do high numbers of lip swatches daily, my lips are screaming “no baby we don’t like it raw” (sorry O.D.B they don’t lol).

Which ones do you like on me?

Thanks for reading and let’s stay virtually connected 🙂

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Colourpop is selling Beepers

Hey beauties, did you think it is #throwbackthursday because of my title lol. Beepers are definitely a throwback, an era that was fun! Would I want to go back to having a beeper to rely on communication–UH NO!!  

But this is a different kind of beeper I’m talking about, this has everything to do with beauty– a liquid matte lipstick to be specific!

Colourpop released this nude-pink ultra matte lipstick a while ago and I finally got around to buying it. While I watched my fair share of swatch videos of this color on women who are my complexion, on me I feel like it should be somewhat darker. I like it still, a good go-to nude right, nothing a brown liner couldn’t spruce up. This is 2 layers of “Beeper”. 



Just applied 


Do you own this color? How do you like it?

Check out more Colourpop products here: http://www.colourpop.co
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Milani helped mattify my beauty

Hey beauties!!

Am I the only one who adores mattified beauty looks (I can’t be)!! I have this huge obsession to matte all the things lol but for real I love matte polish, lipstick, foundation, eyeshadow you name it I want it matte!!

With that being said, today’s look is brought to you by Milani eyeshadow & lipstick! On my eyes I’m wearing Milani “Bella Champagne” (which I sprayed NYX matte finishing spray on) & Matte “Beauty” lipstick. I tried my hand in doing a pink ombré lip, I used Jordana’s “Caberet” lip liner; how’d I do?

What are your favorite matte looks?
Hey, before I go check out my latest video collab with another beauty blogger Kay’s Ways. We did a video on creating a summer eye look using the Wet N Wild Venice Beach eye pallet. You may view it here, thanks: https://youtu.be/cEJ6Uqsuc20.  

Pop Bottles Lip Service

Hey beauties! I bet you ran over here because you thought I was gonna tell you about some new alcoholic lipstick didn’t you?! Ahhhh  sike! Nah just playing, but seriously I saw this idea in a video by Phyrra and then I knew the reason I was born was to try this DIY project lol.

This website DIY Cosmetics is the go to people with a plan if you’ve got makeup container plans! It’s a site where you can purchase DIY containers for all your makeup conundrums. They have containers for eyeshadow right down to lotion containers. Now if you’re like me and don’t use brushes to apply your lippies, you now have the option of popping them tubes into bottles. 

I started out with 5 because I wanted to make sure I plan on making this a permanent project. They cost .99but if you buy 2-9 bottles you’ll pay a few cents less.


They shipped my products pretty quickly. The process is quite simple, you don’t need any tools more than your two hands to complete the project (and maybe some tissue if you think it can get messy).

You can choose to attach the inside liquid stopper before or after you pour the liquid in. 

First up is OCC’s “Vain”.  

After you’re satisfied with the amount of liquid in the bottle, boom it’s over just like that and you can close up shop!! 

I was feeling lucky so I did 2 more for the JCat Beauty lip tubes I own. 
Easy, peasy right!! Now it’s your turn! Let me know if you decide to take part in this “tubalipgation” anytime soon! And pssss I see OCC has a sale going on, on the Sephora website of the remainder of tubes they have since they’ve converted into using sponge wand bottles now so get your rumps over there and do an even exchange–makeup for money! 

Use this link http://m.sephora.com/shop/search/occ
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Maple Holistics Shampoo & Conditioner 

Happy Labor Day (or happy day off from labor lol).

I was sent this shampoo & conditioner set by a company called Maple Holistics for an honest review. The shampoo is anti-dandruff which contain the ingredients Sage, Spikenard & rosemary (partnered with tea tree oil). The conditioner is gentle for your hair (botanical keratin is an ingredient). These are the equivalent to Head & Shoulders but with a MUCH better smell and smooth finish. I’ve used it twice this week and it has left my hair (pre-blow dry) smooth even with leave in conditioner. 

Check out the many other products Maple Holistics offer on their site http://www.mapleholistics.com. 

Want to receive a free product from them? Go to http://www.mapleholistics.com/free-products.