Pop Bottles Lip Service

Hey beauties! I bet you ran over here because you thought I was gonna tell you about some new alcoholic lipstick didn’t you?! Ahhhh  sike! Nah just playing, but seriously I saw this idea in a video by Phyrra and then I knew the reason I was born was to try this DIY project lol.

This website DIY Cosmetics is the go to people with a plan if you’ve got makeup container plans! It’s a site where you can purchase DIY containers for all your makeup conundrums. They have containers for eyeshadow right down to lotion containers. Now if you’re like me and don’t use brushes to apply your lippies, you now have the option of popping them tubes into bottles. 

I started out with 5 because I wanted to make sure I plan on making this a permanent project. They cost .99but if you buy 2-9 bottles you’ll pay a few cents less.


They shipped my products pretty quickly. The process is quite simple, you don’t need any tools more than your two hands to complete the project (and maybe some tissue if you think it can get messy).

You can choose to attach the inside liquid stopper before or after you pour the liquid in. 

First up is OCC’s “Vain”.  

After you’re satisfied with the amount of liquid in the bottle, boom it’s over just like that and you can close up shop!! 

I was feeling lucky so I did 2 more for the JCat Beauty lip tubes I own. 
Easy, peasy right!! Now it’s your turn! Let me know if you decide to take part in this “tubalipgation” anytime soon! And pssss I see OCC has a sale going on, on the Sephora website of the remainder of tubes they have since they’ve converted into using sponge wand bottles now so get your rumps over there and do an even exchange–makeup for money! 

Use this link http://m.sephora.com/shop/search/occ
Thanks for reading and let’s stay socially connected 🙂  


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