Colourpop is selling Beepers

Hey beauties, did you think it is #throwbackthursday because of my title lol. Beepers are definitely a throwback, an era that was fun! Would I want to go back to having a beeper to rely on communication–UH NO!!  

But this is a different kind of beeper I’m talking about, this has everything to do with beauty– a liquid matte lipstick to be specific!

Colourpop released this nude-pink ultra matte lipstick a while ago and I finally got around to buying it. While I watched my fair share of swatch videos of this color on women who are my complexion, on me I feel like it should be somewhat darker. I like it still, a good go-to nude right, nothing a brown liner couldn’t spruce up. This is 2 layers of “Beeper”. 



Just applied 


Do you own this color? How do you like it?

Check out more Colourpop products here:
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