My lipstick is Colourpoppin

Hey beauties (smacks lips) lol what’s up? You remember when Lil Mama came out with that song “My lipgloss is poppin”? I got a mixtape from downtown BK once and it was the last song on it. I thank all the blue skies above that it was cause, to me it sounded like it was already in the Kidz Bop version lol. 

This is my little Colourpop haul from last week, getting some lip swatch service in for y’all check it out……

I picked up one Ultra Matte lipstick this time in the name of “Guess”. It was a little patchy with one layer so I dropped another one on em. 

Next are some matte finish lippie stix. Here is Nevermind (which looks a lot like the above Guess right)! 

Coincidentally this color is also a good dupe to Wet N Wild’s “Vamp it Up”($1.99).  

This is Grundge  

This is Blood 

Lastly, this is Bossy (chime inKelis where you at). 

Phew! Y’all I don’t know how people do high numbers of lip swatches daily, my lips are screaming “no baby we don’t like it raw” (sorry O.D.B they don’t lol).

Which ones do you like on me?

Thanks for reading and let’s stay virtually connected 🙂

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