LA Colors High Shine Shea Butter Lipgloss

Hi beauties what’s good. Ya girl is back, I’ve been bed ridden since last Friday with a cold and I am ecstatic about being back to good spirits and health. 

So I wanted to show you all these lippies that a fellow beauty blogger MzGlamourAddict posted last weekend or so. Now you know ya girl is not much of a lip gloss chic (shout out to Lil Mama tho) but every now and then I can fiercely pull off a shade or two. These are sold in Family Dollar for $2. I have every intention to wear them BUT mattified!! Yes I said I’m going to matte them out and in an upcoming post I’ll show you how. 

Even though I can’t provide you any commentary of how it applies and its staying power & such…..I CAN let you check out the colors I picked up!!



I picked up these self-adhesive press on nails also from Family Dollar which are $3, I mainly got them cause of the design. It says they fit all shapes of nails but I’m here to tell you that that’s not the case with me. Stay tuned for a post on how I styled them as well. 

Of course thanks for stopping by and let’s stay connected…  


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