Palladio Velvet Matte Lip Color


Hey peeps!! I’m just over here acting like Christmas is not tapping on my shoulder, I still have two small things to get but ehh lol.

So a few weeks back and I was in our Sally’s which has remodeled their whole beauty section and spotted these beauties. You know I’m always down to try a new brand or etc, so when I saw that the display was being stocked I decided to come back another time to check out everything. I’ve seen this brand in Ulta but not these lippies. They will run you $5 if you have the Sally’s beauty club card. 

So far I like them even though I’ve only worn one. It’s a comfortable matte finish which isn’t a hard matte dried finish (cream matte). They last about 5 1/2 hours and does transfer on everything; they do remove easily without staining. 

Here’s how they look on me….

This is dark & vampy Tapestry

This is Boucle and I love this color, this IS MY color I don’t care what anyone says….  #ownit 
This is Angora I don’t know if I really like the red-orange lippie on me. It just doesn’t give me that YASSS HONEY KILL IT! More like uhh no just kill it lol

Are you all finished your Christmas shopping? 

If I don’t post again I’m going to tell you now have a safe and Merry Christmas. I will be off starting tomorrow until January 4 so definitely get ready to see more posts from me :)).
Thanks for reading…..


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