Day 24 of beauty challenge- Tips I swear by

Guess who’s almost done with the challenge, yes ya girl!! Today I’m going to let y’all in on a few tips I swear by when pertaining to makeup/makeup application.

1. My fingers are better  than brushes when used for applying eyeshadow!

2. Don’t assume that the foundation with the same color name works for all foundation type– for example I wear 355 in Maybelline Fit Me liquid foundation but the 355 in the press powder isn’t the same color AT ALL!!

3. If your mascara dries up and it’s before the expiration time, pour some contacts lense solution in it to revive it.

4. Don’t use nail polish remover to revive or thin out your nail polish, it just dilutes it; use actual nail polish thinner. 

5. Try doing your eyes first when applying makeup so any eyeshadow fall out or mascara or eyeliner mishap can be corrected by your foundation and/or baking time.

6. On darker skin, nude, beige or white eyeliner opens up your eyes.

7. Moisturize then prime your face or your makeup will look ashy/dry (for me it does).

8. If your foundation color is sold out, try buying a foundation 1 shade lighter than your complexion so when it oxidizes it will match. It’s better that it’s too light and you can mix it with another rather than it be too dark (it works for me).

9. Use a glue peel away base polish (or Elmers glue) for when you want to glitter bomb your nails, saves your life come removal time.

10. If you’re not sold that you can pull off a lip color, lip liners are your friends!! I used to just stow away lipsticks I felt didn’t work on first try but lip liners have saved their lives in my stash lol.

So what are some beauty tips you swear by, please do share.

Stay tuned for day 25 and thanks for reading!!



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