Hard Candy Velvet Matte Mousse Lip Color

Hey people!! Now y’all know that I stay in them stores (more than I should I know) but it’s actually a win-win situation. Because I buy the new products and then review them, you all can then choose whether or not you want to buy it–see how that works!!

*plug* If you follow me on IG (@nailmatticbeauty) you may have seen my post about spotting these in Walmart recently  

 There are 7 shades to choose from, I stuck to the colors I am accustomed to liking on my complexion! They’re sold at an affordable price of $6 +tax. The tin it comes in has a mirror as well.

Check out the ones I purchased…. I can’t give you a review at this time, just swatches. I do plan to wear one today and do a lip swatch video so stay tuned for that!

From swatching these on my arm I can tell that they feel just like NYX soft matte lip cream. Don’t expect these to dry down to a hard matte finish (hence the mousse description).

What do you think so far, do you see yourself buying any?

Thanks for reading!!



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