Kiss Egoism Matte Velvet Lipstick Swatches

Happy Tuesday beautays!! What’s new? Well for me it’s yup you guessed it…. NEW LIPPIES!! I’ve seen talk about this new makeup kiosk spotted in beauty supply groups I’m in on Facebook, wanted to give them a try (you know I have to anyway)!! 

Once I hear these words: NEW MATTE LIPSTICK that’s my cue for me to “get into action” & hunt these down– as a certified lippie addict I won’t be left out lol. So yeah these can be found in your beauty supply store, they’re 4.99, formula is creamy matte finish and they last about 5 hours. I’ve worn two and they both stained my lips. 

The color selection is pretty much the common color wheel, nothing about the colors stood out to me uniquely; I got 3 of the colors I’m always drawn to. As you can see in the above pic there’s an array of products in this booth.

Now for the swatches…..

 egoisim matte lipstick  

Coco Ravish 

 Red Velvet  

Acai Honey  


Have you spotted these in your BSS yet? If so, what did you grab?

Thanks for reading 💋



2 thoughts on “Kiss Egoism Matte Velvet Lipstick Swatches

  1. I just saw this today at my beauty supply store. I got Coachella and Acai Honey. I also want to try their contour kit.

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