Juvia’s Place Nubian palette face of the day

If you were like me– mad hyped to get this palette when it was sold out you would know the victorious feeling when it showed up in the mail. I love this palette so much that I bought one for my mom as well. This palette is a combination of colors that are my go-to colors everyday. I love to wear bronze and gold eyeshadows, I feel it looks amazing on my complexion.

These colors are so pigmented just one layer you’d be good if you stopped there. Me, I like a nice opaque eyeshadow look so I went with two layers.

Color I used  
For my highlight I used one that I’ve had for a minute from Milani and I don’t find it to be a very pigmented highlighter that I’m use to. I normally reach for the Dupe That X Ofra highlight “you dew you”. For work it does the job!



The lipstick I’m wearing is by Milani called “Bronze Beauty”. 


Juvia’s place came out with the Nubia II palette about two weeks ago and I need to get my hands on it as well. Colors are just as pretty. You can purchase I & II here Juvia’s Place 


What makeup look are you rocking today?
Thanks for reading



4 thoughts on “Juvia’s Place Nubian palette face of the day

  1. That’s a really pretty palette. Very nice for highlighting. I need to finish what I have. I have nowhere to fit anymore makeup. lol

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