May Empties

And I’d definitely purchase these again…

What products did you finish this month?

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Give Me Glow Cosmetics liquid lipsticks 

Look who’s taking full advantage of this 3 day weekend!! THIS GIRL!!

So eons ago I bought this lippies by Give Me Glow Cosmetics… Yes I’m a hoarder but don’t call the show cause my place is clean lol.

I’ve done a YouTube video featuring lip swatches of these but I wanted to include a blog post as well.

Here we have…..

The perfect nude if you’re my complexion, NUDE BEACH

Roasted Marshmallow (as you can see it looks nothing like the in-bottle color).

Bad Gal

China Rose

Hell in Heels 

Which one(s) do you see yourself rockin?

Watch my YouTube video HERE.

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New Maybelline The Loaded Bold Lipsticks

Hey y’all!! 

So I picked these new lippies up one day last week… Haven’t gotten a chance to rock any of them yet, but I wanted you all to see my new babies. These are available at Target for now as far as I know. They retail for $5.59 and come in 20 shades, however the Target display only has 18 shades. There’s a black and white shade that are missing (don’t see those purchases in my future anyway).

Check out the ones I picked up…

These are definitely bold for any season!!
Which one (if not all) do you see yourself wearing?

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Wait a minute, this isn’t lemonade?! #life

I realize that I don’t get too personal on my blog… today I’ve decided to change that! First things first I want to take this time to remind you all and implore you all to always take full advantage of life when you’re feeling your best. I say this because all it takes is for illness to fall upon you before you recognize the blessings of being well. I’ve always liked the gesture said to me “be well” every time I check out at Walgreens, an employee told me that during training they are encouraged to say that. I’ve said all of that to say this…. I’m dealing with a health scare right now…..

 For those of us who have encountered an illness in our life, there are good and bad days, emotional days, angry days and lonely days. So many emotions cloud over you on a daily basis it sometimes overpowers your need to get up and keep going—but you have to, that’s what I’m doing. Some days you ask yourself:

  • Why me?
  • Will this kill me?
  • How long will I have to deal with this?
  • Will this trigger other problems?
  • Will I ever be back to 100% again?

And that’s just to name a few….

Right now I’m thankful for time… time because everyone has that gut feeling that they should no longer ignore something, something that has been causing them pain… that feeling when something just isn’t right… “it’s time”. I’m thankful for having the smarts to say “ok enough is enough, let’s get this professionally looked into”. I’m thankful for medical technology being as advanced as it is today so that I can resort back to my life’s regularly scheduled programs.

I’m thankful for having the frame of mind that if I can’t do anything about it, live on until it’s my time to go however, I began to have all intentions to shut down and shut everyone out…. While I’ve shared my sudden health news with a few people, I have shut down my social media accounts such as FB page & IG page, I honestly don’t think I’ll majorly miss them. I feel like I need something more beneficial as my outlet. One thing I couldn’t do is abandon my blog for I have made major strides as far as posts, readers and online friendships with other bloggers. Not only that, but this is my PERSONAL BLOG, my personal space so why not keep that going. My blog keeps me occupied and most importantly happy. Sometimes you have to distant yourself from a lot of things….. Even though I put the battery in my own back, once and for all I’ve chosen to distance myself from things that drain me….. more than anything right now I need that positive energy….. having to always keep in touch with certain people will no longer be…… putting what puts a smile on my face first and foremost….. instances like health issues really tend to put things into perspective… when life gives you lemons…..


Have a happy Friday and make it a safe and memorial, memorial weekend!!

KBSHIMMER Summer 2016 collection swatches part 1

*press sample*

Can you tell which one is my favorite?! This collection by Kbshimmer releases June 1st. You need all these summer colors or bust!! 

L to R: How Low Can You Flamingo, Ready For a good lime, Playing With The Buoys, Good Reef!, Mai Tai One On, Neon On. 

Which one(s) caught your eyes?

Stay tuned for part 2! Thanks for reading!! 

Highlight of my collection 

Hey people ya girl is back (for now lol)…. I was a little stumped on what to post, so I decided on showing you so of the things I like to use from my makeup stash.

Who doesn’t love when that highlight bling? It  could only mean one thing lol…..

As you will see, I love a good gold or bronze highlight, I find that I compliments my complexion.

This Ruby Kisses All Over Glow Bronzing Powder but it’s a bomb a$$ highlighter. It’s affordable and is sold at the beauty supply store.

Makeup Revolution “Peach Lights” (sold at Ulta).

Ofra Cosmetics “Pink Sapphire” Derma mineral powder.

Ofra Cosmetics X Dupe That “You Dew You”.

Ofra Cosmetics “Illuminating Blush/Bronzer Stripes”

Missy Lynn X BH Cosmetics palette 

L A Girl Highlight/Blush/Bronzer palette 

Black Radiance Contour Palette (medium to dark).

Do you own any of these highlighters? What are your go to highlighters? 

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